HEX Indirectly Gets Listed on Coinbase: Here’s How you can Buy it


Coinbase indirectly lists HEX through their Coinbase Wallet. Investors can purchase the cryptocurrency through the Coinbase Wallet. However, only people residing in the U.S can purchase HEX though the wallet and is unavailable for trading for other countries.

Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody wallet that is available in formats of a mobile app and browser extension. There are 6 steps on how to purchase HEX through the Coinbase Wallet and below is the guide.

Step 1 – To Buy Hex, Download the Coinbase Wallet

Firstly, users need to download the Coinbase Wallet to gain access to purchase HEX. The registration process is easy and simple and users need to follow the given instructions until the validation is complete.

Step 2 – Choose a Coinbase Wallet Username

Secondly, users need to key in their Coinbase Wallet username. This step is important as the ‘username’ lets other Coinbase Wallet users send crypto to your account and vice-versa.

Step 3 – Securely Store Your Recovery Phrase

After creating the custody wallet with your username, users will be given a recovery phrase consisting of 12 random words. The recovery phrase is the key to your crypto. It is important to not share the recovery phrase with anyone. It is strongly recommended to write the words in a piece of paper and store it in a secure place.

Step 4 – Understand and Plan For Ethereum Network Fees

The ETH network fees varies on how busy the network is and transactions get complicated when the fees are high. It’s always a good idea to set aside an extra set of money for the fees to successfully complete the transaction.

Step 5 – Buy and Transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet

A Coinbase account is mandatory to buy and transfer Ethereum to the Coinbase Wallet. For instance, users who don’t have a Coinbase account need to create one to purchase HEX. Moreover, a detailed instructions to purchase ETH is given here.

Step 6 – Use your ETH to Buy HEX in the Trade Tab

You can purchase HEX in the ‘trade’ tab and swap your ETH by clicking on ‘choose coin’ and select HEX. Key in the amount of ETH you would like to exchange for HEX. In conclusion, the end process is to confirm your purchase and follow the instructions to finalize.

HEX was listed on Poloniex in November, 2021 and has made it to the Coinbase Wallet in December. At the time of publishing, HEX was trading at $0.25 and is up +15.7% in the 24-hours day trade.

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