How To Get Nyan Heroes Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide To NYAN Token

Nyan Heroes Airdrop has become a trending topic, hailed as Solana’s hottest AAA shooter game. Join CoinCu as we delve into how to hunt for airdrops from this exciting project.

What Is Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes Airdrop has become a trending topic, being hailed as the hottest AAA shooter game on Solana of late. Join CoinCu as we delve into how to hunt for airdrops from this exciting project.

Nyan Heroes is a battle royale game on Solana where players team up, transform into cats, and engage in mech battles against other teams. Players need two NFTs to participate: Nyan (cats) and Guardian Robots. Victorious players in PvP battles can gather weapons and rare materials, which are tradable as NFTs in the project’s Marketplace.

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Battle Royale

In this game mode, players must battle against 60 others on a specific map to emerge as the last survivor. The game offers diverse terrains like forests, wastelands, swamps, and various mountainous regions, all converging at the central landmark, the ruined urban center of Nekovia. Players are automatically grouped into teams of three, emphasizing the importance of team spirit to enhance gameplay and attract new players.

Choosing a character class before the match is crucial. Aiming for a balanced team setup is key to winning. Similar to many battle royale games, players start by jumping from a Beechcraft onto their chosen location on the map. They then scavenge for weapons and supply crates scattered across the map to gear up for confrontations with other players.

Adventure Mode

In this game mode, players can receive rewards such as Experience Points (XP), CTNP, Guardian Cores, Nyan Cores, Weapon Cores, Primary/Secondary Weapons, Guardian Parts, and more.

Guild Mode

Players unlock various exclusive activities after creating or joining a guild in Nyan Heroes. Players can send more Nyans and guardians on missions to earn loot in a guild. Guilds also offer access to metaverse missions that may require real-time completion. Participants receive rewards, with a small percentage allocated to the guild. Additionally, the final two modes will be unveiled through land modules in the game. This project offers players the freedom to engage with the player-driven economy in RPG mode.

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NFT – Nyan Heroes

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This collection consists of 11,111 NFTs featuring cat images of various rarities. Holders of these Nyan NFTs can benefit from:

  • Engaging in and contributing to the NyanDAO ecosystem by proposing game developments.
  • Receiving a limited edition PFP.
  • Gaining exclusive access to specific items.
  • Crafting character stories stored on-chain.
  • Participating in Airdrop campaigns and early Land purchases.
  • Staking Nyan NFTs for rewards like CATNIP or $NYAN.

The Genesis Nyans are distributed based on rarity percentages as follows:

  • Common: 46%
  • Uncommon: 29%
  • Rare: 14%
  • Very Rare: 7%
  • Legendary: 4%

NFT Guardians Mech

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In the game, each Nyan NFT comes with its own Guardian Mech of varying rarities, from normal to legendary. The rarity of a player’s Guardian Mech corresponds to the rarity of the Nyan they own. Using these NFT Guardians will earn players more or less CATNIP compared to free users, with the reward amount tied to the rarity of the NFT Guardian—the rarer the Guardian, the higher the reward.

There are 8 different roles for Guardian NFTs:

  • Warrior: average strength in attack and defense, suitable for frontline and assault but with poor resistance.
  • Defender: moves slowly, emphasizing team defense similar to tank heroes in MOBA games.
  • Assassin: agile with high damage output but low defense, similar to assassin heroes.
  • Sniper: specializes in sniping, inflicting extremely high damage.
  • Medic: offers speed and durability, providing support to the team.
  • Scout: Scouts scout new areas to detect hidden dangers.
  • Mechanic: acts as the team’s fortress, capable of setting up sentries, traps, and utilities.
  • Soldier: engages in mid-range and close-quarters combat; newcomers receive Soldiers for free when starting the game.


In Nyan Heroes Metaverse, land plots vary in price based on location and NFT rarity. Plots form the foundation for guilds, accommodating members based on plot size. Stronger guilds offer rewards to landowners and members. Players can craft, collect weapons, and sell them in the game’s marketplace.


Token metrics

The project has two main types of tokens:

  • NYN is the governance token.
  • CTNP is the utility token in the game.


  • Ticker: NYN
  • Fixed supply: 1,000,000,000 $NYN
  • Ticker: CTNP
  • Total supply: unlimited

Token allocation

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  • Investors: 24.5%
  • DAO Community: 0.5%
  • Team: 20%
  • Public sale (IDO): 5%
  • Liquidity: 4%
  • Reserves: 6%
  • Ecosystem fund: 10%
  • Incentives: 30%
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Token use cases


  • Token NYN is used by users to govern, stake, and pay for transactions.


  • Upgrade equipment
  • Mint new characters and items

Fundraising And Backer

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Nyan Heroes raised $2.5M in a Seed round with investments from funds like Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital, and DeFiance Capital.

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Following the Seed round, the project secured $7.5M in funding during the strategic round, valuing the company at $100M. Kosmos Ventures, Sino Global Capital, Shima Capital, Petrock Capital, and other investors participated in this funding round.

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After three fundraising rounds, Nyan Heroes has raised a total of $13M. Mechanism Capital spearheaded the latest round, which included contributions from Delphi Digital, Sfermion, 3Commas Capital, Momentum 6, Kosmos Ventures, Devmons GG, and CSP DAO.

Nyan Heroes Airdrop Guide: Step By Step

Step 1: Go to and connect your X account

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Step 2: Upon successfully connecting to your account X, you will automatically receive +20 CATNIP (CATNIP will eventually be changed to NYAN in the future)

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Step 3: Scroll to the “MISSION BOARD” section and complete all the tasks to earn CATNIP.

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Nyan Heroes is a standout blockchain game in the Solana ecosystem. It blends gameplay, NFTs, and decentralized finance for play-to-earn gaming.

After the Nyan Heroes Airdrop guide from CoinCu, CoinCu hopes to assist you in hunting for airdrops, especially in the Solana ecosystem.

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