Hybrid NFTs: Bridging ERC-20 and ERC-721 for Fractional Digital Ownership


It is a mixed standard between ERC-20 features (these tokens are utilized for cryptocurrencies) along ERC-721 features (for NFTs). But this lifestyle is no different from owning the shares of a company in the sense that you can have a fraction of the NFT in your collection. Hence, a new kind of investing in digital assets comes about and its entry into the marketplace makes the process simple and cheap for all.

Among initial applications of the new standard, XDragon is a non-existent one of them. It represents the first blockchain, that is streamlined to process linearly complex operations more effectively, hence lowering costs. Through XDragon, the user can make his personal symbols out of his tokens without the cumbersome fees which are typically incurred during making or trading NFTs. While this is one working example of such hybrid NFTs, there is a great variety in ways they can be implemented to generate a new and amusing digital life.

The Future of Digital Ownership with Hybrid NFT

The hybrid NFT Notion is a technological update beyond just hybrid ownership but a new paradigm of the thought about digital ownership. The NFT influx into our daily lives can be realized through the provision of wide accessibility and affordability of NFTs that offer every one of us a way to the digital economy. Whether it is art, music, or e-commerce, a mixed standard leads to the simplification of the artist’s job and better assurance for his supporters.

Development of the NFT hybrid standard would result in the formation of a more colorful and richer digital marketplace. Digital projects like XDragon present a clear pattern of the essential prospects of blockchain, hence, shortly, we are to see a rapid increase in novel digital assets. Such a thing doesn’t only affect the creators and investors. The whole digital economy is in benefit.


it shows that the future of digital assets is about more than just collecting rare objects and shows. Solving the hardest problems of common NFTs and offering a different convenient as well as cheaper option, it is opening the door to the future of ownership in which the digital forms are more diverse and get closer to the physical applications. Remarkably, the course of this newest benchmark is to liberate new avenues for creators as well as investors alike, by just being a pioneer in this digital economy.

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