In uncertain times for crypto, the seriesOne LIVA fund provides the hope of stability


Dubai, UAE, 15th May, 2022, Chainwire

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Crypto investors around the world are panicking. The current state of the market is causing unprecedented anxiety among those who have significant amounts of capital invested in cryptocurrency. In the span of a few days, we’ve seen dramatic collapses across the board, causing mass hysteria in the crypto community. But despite current market uncertainty, there is a solution for investors in the form of the seriesOne LIVA Fund, the first fully licensed fund built on the Yieldster automation platform.

Many professional and institutional investors are aware of the potential of the DeFi and digital asset market but are yet to find a convenient point of entry. This is where the LIVA fund and Yieldster’s innovative platform come in.

The seriesOne LIVA Fund is a registered fund that invests in DeFi products. The fund is managed by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) driven algorithms aimed at those more familiar with traditional investments and for investors, this means higher predictability and stability. Yieldster’s technology enables the fund to provide liquid, secure, and stable investment returns to qualified investors. 

The fund utilizes a market-neutral strategy that is especially important in the sometimes volatile digital asset space, as recent events have shown. Thanks to this strategy, investors can potentially build portfolios with an attractive risk/reward ratio in DeFi. The fund offers an investment process more familiar to traditional investors and utilizes stablecoins, removing the need for fiat to crypto conversions and vice versa. Yieldster’s built-in technology also enables a fast time to market, with an average of three months compared to building and implementing an investment solution which would take at least a year. 

Naturally, anyone would have security concerns about placing their funds in the unfamiliar DeFi space. The seriesOne LIVA Fund uses access controls that supervise who can invest in and withdraw from the fund, while there is a minimum investment requirement of $500,000. For complete compliance, the fund implements AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) measures. A system of checks and balances in place with multiple layers of security, ensuring that no one can access or manipulate algorithms and steal or misuse user data. 

Amid the recent chaos in the crypto world, the seriesOne LIVA fund brings higher reliability. The Yieldster platform’s technology contains the tools that give the fund its stability, and it enables unique access to multiple protocols at a low cost. The sudden nature of the crypto market requires active monitoring, and the proprietary AI ensures portfolios and assets are observed. 

Finding guidance in the DeFi space can prove challenging. Still, the team behind the LIVA fund has vast experience in fintech with expertise ranging from the traditional finance world and a wealth of knowledge in digital assets and blockchain technology. This knowledge and expertise have been leveraged to build a platform that provides investors with a trustworthy point of entry to DeFi and is a logical solution to the current crisis facing many unfortunate crypto investors. 

About Yieldster

Yieldster DAO offers an open DeFi framework designed to guide investors through the sometimes complex space of decentralized finance. Stakeholders determine the protocol’s future while fueling community growth. The team behind Yieldster is composed of experienced fintech technologists, investment bankers and entrepreneurs with a shared goal of simplifying the process of investing in DeFi while bringing further credibility to the space through reliability and transparency.

About seriesONE LIVA Fund

The LIVA fund is a Bahamas Securities Commission registered fund that invests in DeFi Products. The fund’s purpose is to provide liquid, secure, and stable investment returns over time on behalf of professional (i.e. institutional and qualified) investors, who seek portfolio exposure to yield producing digital asset vaults in DeFi.

Uniquely, the LIVA fund is a DeFi fund managed by proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven algorithms targeted at investors more comfortable with traditional investments.

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