It pays to be a god!


Well, it does now, thanks to the team behind Olympus Game. Olympus Game is a new Play2Earn title in which players compete in PVP, card-driven combat in their bid to climb the steps of Mount Olympus and claim their place amongst the gods. What makes the game unique is its own in-game cryptocurrency-based economy. Players buy into the game with Olympus Tokens and can also earn rewards as they climb the ranks, but it’s not all about the money.

“We wanted to design a fun dynamic game where playability comes before anything else. I mean sure it’s a play-to-earn title, but we’ll have a free to play version too. We want players to get to know the game too. Mechanics wise, it’s a tower defence game with card driven elements. As players climb the steps of Olympus, they’ll earn power ups, bonus characters and other in-game perks. We’ve put a lot of work into the game, and we can’t wait for the roll out.” Matthieu Feuillé, Olympus Game Founder

GameFi, aka Play2Earn is Blockchain’s new rock and roll. It’s a move which connects the growing eSport sector and cryptocurrency. While the move itself may be new the ideas behind it are not, many video games these days have their own in-game economies and some use multiple currencies. Players can use real or virtual currencies in game to purchase power ups, characters skins, custom emotes, and even dance moves. However, the difference between GameFi and the current eSports scene is, if you’ll excuse the metaphor, a game changer. Thanks to innovations like NFTs, players will finally be able to actually own their digital assets. Perhaps most important of all though, GameFi economies promise to operate both ways. This means players can genuinely earn money while they play and it’s this feature Olympus Game hopes to explore.

Like its world-famous namesake, Olympus game promises to be a global competition, but there the similarities end. In Olympus Game players compete in tower defence style, turn-based combat and progress up or down the steep slopes of Mount Olympus depending on how well they do. Rewards come in the shape of chests and are somewhat random in rarity. Each chest has a cool down period, which can be sped up by paying tokens. Chests can contain game changing perks and bonuses, so, it’s in the players incentive to crack them as fast as possible, but like everything else, in the game, it all comes down to luck and strategy.

The team plans to launch the project in April with their ICO, but if you want to know more you can follow them on Twitter and check out their road map. 

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