Itsbloc Partnership with Gamerse


Itsbloc Partnership with Gamerse, Gamerse is seeking to partner with P2E games, guilds and gaming studios to connect them with a wider community of gamers!

Gamerse is connecting NFT Games and Gamers in a community-driven social hub. Their Cross-chain, cross-platform and cross-verse solutions are unifying the fragmented NFT gaming space. And now announcing Itsbloc partnership with Gamerse.

Gamerse features

  • Social Media – Gamerse brings social media to NFT gaming. Post content, like, comment, share, create groups and chat with friends.
  • Share-To-Earn – Stake your $LFG in your favorite games official groups to receive APY based on your interactions.
  • Aggregator Marketplace – You can find any popular gaming NFTs on Gamerse cross-chain marketplace.
  • NFT Swipe Swap – Tinder for NFTs. Swipe Swap will recommend your NFTs based on your interests.
  • Find New Friends – Gamerse is the first NFT gaming platform that helps players look for groups and build better community.
  • LFG Lottery – Earn a chance to win prizes just for using the platform.
  • MyGamerse Profile – Show off your collection, your avatr and your friends.
  • Avatar Merch – You can unlock more powerful avatars based on your activity on the platform.

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“Gamerse is extremely excited about our long-term collaboration with ITSBLOC! The highly experienced team behind ITSBLOC knows what it takes to create a successful game and we are delighted that they are entering the blockchain space with big plans to develop an exciting GameFi ecosystem!”

“ITSBLOC is pleased to join Gamerse’s NFT Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM). MMORPGs by Ntrance and other games, which have a large number of users from all over the world, will be together in one social hub. In addition, we hope that P2E games of various genres such as MMORPG and FPS, which are scheduled to be integrated will contribute to the activation of the GAMΞRSΞ Platform.”



ITSBLOC is a P2E game platform focused on providing Play-focused Enjoyable Contents and rewards so that global users can focus on what they enjoy beyond the existing P2E. ITSBLOC platform delivers various benefits and values to users by accommodating game IPs of various genres, such as global MMORPG games, social casinos, and shooting (FPS) games.

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