J9 Online Game Waves Green in P2E Crypto Betting Games

  • J9 online betting brand is earning a name in the crypto gaming sector.
  • It has many brand partners, including Eason sports, PS, and Ag platforms.
  • The gaming platform had earlier partnered with FIBA with a $100 million investment.

With the rise of the blockchain gaming industry, many gaming platforms have entered the crypto realm to experience the new waves of blockchain technology. It is essential to check what features made the J9 gaming platform earn its name among the leading online gaming ecosystem in this sector. It made the gaming platforms take the competition by introducing unique features for each company.

J9.com is an online entertainment brand and blockchain-based gaming platform that has expanded to J9.io, which caters to international and western gaming, casino, and crypto enthusiasts. The company aims to provide the ultimate digital gaming experience for users. Notably, it is acclaimed to be the first leading online betting brand in the crypto field. 

J9 has several brand partnerships, such as Eason sports, PS, PP, PT, AG, TT, PNG, and MG. These partner companies provide sports betting, slot games, Live casino for baccarat games, and other options.

In 2021, J9 announced its strategic partnership with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). The partnership includes a $100 million investment and the platform aims to contribute its best to endorse basketball across the globe.

Moreso, the cooperation with FIBA has led J9 to introduce its first mega project of a $100 million investment. J9 users can experience luxury privileges with premium access to all capital cities and historical sites in almost 213 affiliated countries that host top sports events.  

Notably, adding to the latest project of J9, the platform has launched J9BC, the digital coin based on Binance Smart Chain. J9BC serves as the platform’s game quota by supporting a variety of game betting and settlement and stays as the circulating digital currency. It holds features like decentralization, anonymous transaction, and security.

J9BC trades at $0.024782, with a 24-hour volume of over $32.5 thousand. It has a market cap rank of 5876, and it recently hit an all-time high of $0.02723. Moreover, the coin has been trading on five active markets with its highest volume trading pairs, USDT and BNB.

J9.io has integrated with FunFair and several other famous blockchain game manufacturers to access many FunFair games. Moreover, it has created a new brand identity with English and Chinese languages as the medium of website language. In short, J9 develops and operates multi-lingual top game products, where users can get into the simplicity and immersion experience in various game products.

Additionally, J9 has a triple cash back bonus, where users’ bets, and also their friend’s bets, in the network will generate income. If the bet is more, the number of rolling will also gear up, and if there are more friends, the rolling income becomes high.

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