Launching Fantom Sonic Builders Testnet


Since October 24, the Sonic open testnet has invited users to experience the incredible performance of Sonic by claiming tokens and performing swaps directly through its web dashboard.

Today, we’re launching a new network to replace the open testnet, which brings the needed tools for developers to launch dApps on Sonic technology.

Introducing, the Sonic builders testnet.

What is the Sonic builders testnet?

The builders testnet is our newest Sonic testnet, replacing the open testnet. It comes fully equipped with the needed tools for developers to launch dApps on Sonic technology in preparation for its mainnet release.

The key features of the previous open testnet dashboard will remain, such as claiming tokens and performing swaps.

The new builders testnet:

  • Is 100% compatible with EVM
  • Is 100% compatible with current Opera
  • Requires no hard fork while upgrading Opera
  • Has native live pruning for validators and significantly reduces their operating costs and risk
  • Has full MPT trie and supports witness proofs
  • Significantly reduces archive node operating costs
  • Has RPC API that supports both TX and debug tracing
  • Will be launched with available The Graph Node (run by the Foundation)
  • Will be launched with Sonic Safe service


You can connect to the builders testnet through its web dashboard with your wallet of choice. If you had previously connected to the open testnet, feel free to remove this network from your wallet as it’s obsolete.

What is the Sonic Labs incubator?

Sonic Labs is our new incubator for developers to build innovative dApps with unprecedented performance, preparing for the Sonic mainnet by deploying their dApps on the builders testnet. Up to 5 teams participating will receive: 

  • An equal share of 1,000,000 FTM
  • Direct mentorship from Andre Cronje
  • Guidance from Marc Tillement from Pyth
  • Compliance and payroll support from Request Finance 
  • Company structuring and legal guidance from Fantom Foundation’s Eli Bernstein.
  • The opportunity to be part of the official Sonic mainnet launch in early 2024
  • Access to private capital from our venture capital partners

Are you eager to develop an innovative dApp with unprecedented performance for the Sonic mainnet? Discover more about Sonic Labs and apply to participate now. Applications are open until February 6, 2024.

Deploy dApps on the Sonic builders testnet

At the software level, deploying on the builders testnet is the same as deploying on the current Opera mainnet or any other compatible EVM networks. The only difference is to which network you connect.

All the information needed to deploy dApps on the Sonic builders testnet can be found in our documentation. Make sure to check it regularly as it will be updated continuously with technical information about the testnet.

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