Leading Crypto Exchange Huobi to Host Ertha on January 4

  • Huobi to screen Ertha on its list in January 4.
  • Listing ensures that Ertha Metaverse becomes credited as the leading token in NFT and GameFi space.
  • Huobi is the leading digital asset exchange industry.

Huobi is the leading cryptocurrency exchange industry in both real-trading volume and liquidity. The prime listing of Ertha Metaverse ensures that it remains the most in-demand and highly expected Metaverse in the world.

Recently, GameFi, RedKite, and Seedify hosted three ground-breaking IGOs. Within one minute, each community pool was sold out and till now, the project has raised $5.4 million from a lot of world-renowned Venture capitalist (VC) investors. Soon after this, news on Huobi’s listing of Ertha came out.

In detail, VC investors include LP Capital, GD10, Polygon Syndicate,  Shima Capital,  OKEx Blockdream Ventures, X21, Genblock Capital AUU21, Terranova, Momentum 6, Zen Capital, Dialectic, and many more.

Ertha’s play space is an intricate and complex space ready for the creation of new economies, governments, and shaky alliances between its player base. There are 350,000 land plots in Metaverse, and each collects fees, taxes, and other revenue forms from transactions of land. 

The playspace is designed to reproduce a real-life environment by a player-driven economy. Each player’s political or environmental action in times of peace or conflict can create real changes and have long-lasting consequences.

The plot owners have to deal with things from international trade laws to taxes applied for transactions. Like the real world, HEX owners will get profit from their investment in real estate.

For those looking forward to being involved with Ertha, they can visit the marketplace where lands are sold with the recent inclusion of South Africa and availability in India and Brazil.

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