LTO Network Partnership with BitHotel


This partnership makes Bit Hotel and its parent company “Metaverse Games Studio” the first team to join LTO Network’s new initiative, which aims to lead the way in solving the problem of how in-game assets will function and interoperate in a future when there are multiple metaverses.

LTO Network and Metaverse Games Studio will explore ways to employ NFT2.0 and Ownables for projects and games.

The collaboration will also explore how to solve issues that both teams feel will be a major barrier to platform and game interoperability in a world where there are multiple metaverses hosting many different games and applications.


LTO Network

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain designed for easy integration of business applications, aimed at breaking data silos that so many organizations face today, using Live Contracts. It has a private layer that utilizes a public blockchain for consensus


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