Memories of 33x Fresh as AstroSwap Launches on Velas Chain


Many projects have claimed to generate a market akin to being the next Bitcoin. AstroSwap is the one platform that can make that claim accurate.  Its upcoming launch, stellar partnerships, and ultra-high APY are all reasons to check out the first interstellar DEX on Cardano. 

AstroSwap Has A Solid Track Record

Unlike most new crypto projects coming to market, AstroSwap has proven it is here to stay. The initial token sale in late 2021 noted an oversubscribed IDO on ADAPad. It’s easy to see why everyone wanted to be a part of that Initial DEX Offering, as the $ASTRO value went parabolic to provide traders with 50,000x ROI in mere days. Such steep returns are impossible to pass up on, yet they are only the beginning for AstroSwap.

Since that initial spike, there has been strong interest in $ASTRO, resulting in a price floor between $0.19 and $0.2, although the price won’t stay that low for much longer. The current stability is a good sign and confirms people remain very keen on exploring the first interstellar DEX on the Cardano blockchain. Hype is building and the launch has just kicked off, which will likely lead to a steady $ASTRO price increase in the coming weeks.

AstroSwap Launch Today

The launch of AstroSwap is bound to attract much attention, thanks to its numerous innovative features, incredibly high APY, $ASTRO rewards, and impressive throughput courtesy of the Velas blockchain. However, it remains set on its goals to be a DEX for the Cardano ecosystem in future, taking note of the growing needs of the DeFi market and movement into future-proofed blockchains.Other AstroSwap features to take note of include:

  • Native MetaMask support imminently
  • Yield farming potential with high APY (thanks to using 45% of the total $ASTRO supply for staking reserves) 
  • Bridges to help users transfer tokens between networks at high speed and ultra-low cost
  • Auto liquidity locking
  • Upcoming lottery integration to reward loyal AstroSwap users.

All of this is made possible by launching the interstellar DEX on the Velas blockchain first. The fork of Solana has a throughput of 75,000 TPS and ultra-low fees – Which will be returned to users in VLX when they make swaps on the platform. Velas and AstroSwap are only two parts of the machine, as WagyuSwap is the third key partner to ensure AstroSwap can become the #1 DEX in the industry. 

The choice for launching on Velas is a sensible one, as the team partnered SpaceChain to send a light node into space through a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch. Additionally, Velas is gaining brand recognition through a Ferrari partnership. More importantly, the Velas chain aspect ensures AstroSwap performs far better than SundaeSwap, the first DEX launched on Cardano this week. Its launch was thwarted by network congestion, delaying swaps for several hours. AstroSwap’s approach to launch on a suitable network while providing functionality to Cardano users is the smart move. 

Further down the line, AstroSwap will come to the Cardano blockchain, providing the next generation of cutting-edge technology and DeFi solutions to users of the most innovative blockchain in the world. Momentum will continue to swell for this project over the coming weeks and months!

The switch to Cardano will involve the Swapz Bridge, making AstroSwap multi-coin capable and compatible with the Nami wallet, which is Cardano’s answer to MetaMask. Furthermore, AstroSwap will achieve layer-two status and gain EVM compatibility.

Future Outlook Is Even More Bullish

But there is even more to get excited about! AstroSwap has a solid lineup of key partners, including the ADAPad launchpad, WagyuSwap, Swaps, and BlueZilla. Leveraging the growing network of partners and incubated projects under the BlueZilla banner will broaden overall interoperability, deepen liquidity, and guarantee users will have the best experience while accessing the highest APY possible. 

None of this would matter without engaging the community, and AstroSwap has cracked the code on that front too. The team will conduct regular AMAs and open chats with its community while organizing competitions with $ASTRO prizes. Collecting feedback and rewarding user loyalty sets this interstellar DEX on Cardano apart from all other decentralized trading solutions. 

An expansion to the Solana blockchain is also being talked about, enhancing the universal swapping potential of the first interstellar DEX for Cardano. It will bring unprecedented potential and attention to Cardano, Velas, and the $ASTRO token alike, so jump on board now.

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