MetaPets: A Distinctive Metaverse Based Platform, Specially Made For Pet Lovers


MetaPets is a virtual platform that provides real-world experience to pet lovers. This platform is based on Metaverse technology, where users can own the design of the pet by themselves. It facilitates the pet lovers with virtual pets as companions, which was made on NFT.  This platform provides a distinctive way of showing love and compassion towards pets in the MetaVerse. This platform also utilises the token MetaPets, having a total supply of 100 Quadrillion. However, the quaint strategic approach of this platform also provides 2% reflection to the holders, through which they can generate extra passive income. Along with this, it distributes 5% among its holders as a reward. 

Here, users can also interact with the other users as life-like human selves due to their digitised real-world surroundings. However, this is the first in the history of Metaverse, which provides customisable pets on its platform. Along with this, to facilitate its users, it utilises a unique way of user interaction with pets, in which they can train their pets, can build different games for their pets and can participate in the different games with their pets, without any prior permission. 

Tokenomics of MetaPets 

The token MetaPets consists of a total supply of 100 Quadrillion, from which it distributed its profits among various domains.

The 5% of every buy or sell occurring in the network of MetaPets, were distributed among the token holders and community games. This reward directly transfers to the wallet of users. Along with this, MetaPets also facilitates the opportunity to win cash prizes for users if they engage in the platform and its ecosystem. However, 3% of every transaction transfers to the Liquidity pools, which facilitates the stabilisation of the token in the Marketplace. 

According to the info present on the website, the 2% of each buy or sell of a token will be redistributed among the token holders, and the token holders again utilise that amount in purchasing more tokens from the Marketplace. Apart from this, to facilitate the proper growth and development of the platform, the 

1% transfers to the marketing department for performing various marketing strategies. Along with this, to facilitate proper technological utilisation, the MetaPets transfers 2% of profits from each transaction for the advancement of AI technology and automation on the platform. However, this percentage is also utilised to burn the tokens from the Marketplace, which detaches those tokens from circulation permanently. 

Metapets is the crucial step of promoting love for pets in the metaverse world. Here, users can build relationships with other users and customised pets 


Due to the quaint tokenomics of MetaPets, In Q1 of the year 2022, it will launch its prize fund wallet, consisting of Discord games and Apps games. Along with this, in Q2, the platform will launch its own NFT platform to facilitate fast and secure transactions of token and customisable pets. However, with NFT, the 3D/AR NFT games will also be introduced in this distinctive Metaverse to provide users with a unique opportunity to earn while playing. MetaPets Airdrop was also launched in this phase. However, to facilitate interaction, the platform will launch its own social media platform in Q3 of 2022. Here, users can interact with each other and chat or play games with each other. And, with the beginning of Q4, users can mint, buy, sell or swap their token MetaPets and take benefits from different utilities of the platform. 


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