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Alien Worlds

Yo Explorer Dudes! This is your homie McCullum. You gotta help me cos there’s a serious situation unfolding here.

Aardman Aardmansson (Pron: uuurt-munn-urdmunn-zzunn)

‘Aardman Aardmansson was the first Nordic to eat three Kavi Burgers in one sitting and survive. A statue of him still stands on the roof of the Kavian Fried Churros restaurant in downtown Van Asten.’

Artunian Shovel (Pron: R2-nee-ann-shuvelle); Tool

The Artunians are a proud, industrious people who have created many life-changing inventions and so hate that they are still most famous for a shovel.

Competition Rules

Post your best lore entries that correspond with each week’s letter. Every thoughtful submission will receive an Alien Worlds NFT! In addition, the top 3 entries as voted on by the community will receive an additional Alien Worlds NFT. Please include your WAX wallet address with your entry.

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