Metaverse based Racing game, Racer’s Utopia is the perfect balance between Racing, Gaming, and the Blockchain:


Gaming in the metaverse powered by the blockchain has become a widely accepted concept thanks to games like Racer’s Utopia. Racer’s Utopia is an NFT based racing game that is played on the metaverse. The core of the game is powered by the Binance smart chain giving players the option to experience the world of NFTs, Crypto, and gaming altogether.

The storyline of the game allows players to originate a racing career with an option to choose from a wide range of modern-design cars. The races in the game are designed for the players to compete with each other to obtain rewards in the form of CarKey (Ckey) tokens, the game’s native token. The native token will allow the player to explore, trade, and experience NFTs and play to earn opportunities spread throughout the metaverse-based game.

Architecture and Gameplay:

The game architecture is designed to allow players to maintain their avatars and cars within the metaverse and also compete with other players at the same time in races and exclusive events that unfold within the game.

With progress made with every race, the player will start receiving in-game rewards in the form of tokens that they can use to select and purchase from a wide range of NFTs ranging from cars(7800 NFTs), race track blueprints(900 NFTs), workshops (30 NFTs), car rentals (30 NFTs) and gas station NFTs (50 NFTs). There are many challenges and milestones that players can use to receive these in-game rewards.

Player Perspectives available within the game

The game which can be played either in First Person view mode or third-person view mode is drastically aimed at attracting car enthusiasts and racing lovers to be a part of an experience that is a mix of the best from the world of gaming and blockchain. The significant play-to-earn features that are also available within the game are expected to attract the general gaming audience.  

Gaming Modes

The complete game comprises two types of gaming modes, the PvP, and the PvE mode. The PvE mode allows players to train their builds on race tracks and training events with the AI before they take it on with other players in the PvP mode.

The PvE mode has different racing modes like Lap Race, Single Lap race, Drag race, police chase, and much more. The only difference between the two modes is that the PvP mode, the one where you compete with other people in the game comes with only two modes, Single Lap Races, and Lap Races.

Players are given the flexibility to choose from a wide range of race tracks where they can test out their builds in the PvE mode and compete head-on with others in the PvP mode. The PvP mode enables the players to compete with other players on the metaverse and earn tokens to buy NFTs that are available on the native marketplace of the game.

Social Communication through Racing Clubs:

The biggest highlight of the game is the in-game social media interactions that players can experience. The players are given the option of building their very own racing clubs which is like a tight-knit community of people with similar interests. The social engagement on these platforms is made more interesting with community-level racing events, trading options, and much more. With regards to trading within the community, the users are restricted to trade their NFTs and tokens for carkey tokens rather they can trade them for equivalent value NFTs.

People in the racing clubs also can compete with other racing clubs in premium events that can be hosted within the game. There are two main formats that these club events support, one type is crew battle face-off where two crews each comprising four members compete with other crews with the same configuration. The other type is the relay events, where two selected members from each crew compete. The rewards and points in each type are decided based on the placement of the teams in each format and the one with the highest placements is declared the winner.

Persona creation for players

Apart from all the events and racing in the game, Racer’s Utopia also supports users to have their very own persona within the game. The players are provided with the base model car at the beginning of the game which they will have to upgrade to the highest spec possible and based on every upgrade, the car model is star rated.

The outcome of every event that happens in the game will help the player earn CarKey tokens. The tokenomics of the token is designed strategically to help make more improvements and upgrades within the game.

Tokenomics of CarKey (CKEY)

There is a total supply of 1billion tokens and the deflationary valuation of the token is controlled through AUTO and MANUAL burn mechanisms that are available with the token. A huge share of the tokenomics is contributed towards the play-to-earn/ecosystem fund (35%)and for the presale and the liquidity of the token(45%). The rest is distributed into 10% for Team/Advisors, 5% for airdrop and bounty program, and 5% for marketing. Apart from the existing tokenomics, there is a 5% charge on the BUY/SELL tax which will be redirected to the burn wallet(2%), 2% to the existing holders, and the rest 1% to the treasury managed by the members of the community through their very own DAO.

The complete architecture of the game is a balanced mix of everything giving the players an experience on the metaverse which is unique and different from the usual trends that are seen on the market.

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