Mushe partners with Constellation ($DAG) to launch Mushe token ($XMU)


There’s a new token coming to the market and it promises to simplify crypto. The Mushe token launches on July 4, 2022 and is set to make crypto more accessible to all by removing complications and lowering the financial threshold for entry.  


The new Mushe token (XMU) is being launched in partnership with Constellation, the game-changing decentralized application integration platform. Highly secure, it goes beyond existing blockchain technology to provide limitless scalability and interoperability as well as true decentralization.


Early adopters will be able to pick up Mushe tokens at the introductory pre-sale price of $0.005 per token exclusively at from April 18, 2022, before it officially launches in July with the targeted price of $0.05 per token.

Shaking up the market

In the increasingly complicated world of crypto, those without in-depth knowledge can struggle. New users can be reluctant to sign up, deterred by the high stakes, their own lack of knowledge, or the unintelligible jargon. Mushe wants to cut through the confusion and bring the benefits of crypto to the broader market. 

Created by a team of professionals with experience in the global banking services industry, Mushe focuses on the user experience and simplifying transactions, enabling inexperienced users to get involved and opening up the world of crypto to a larger, more diverse audience. 

Mushe is secure too, top-level privacy secure. It’s built on Constellation Hypergraph, a network so well trusted that even the US Department of Defense uses it to process mass data. 

Its platform MusheSwap will involve minimal transaction fees, and cross-chain swaps will allow transactions to take place across multiple blockchain platforms, rather than being isolated within one chain. 

Why Constellation?

Constellation works like the website creation platform WordPress. It’s an open-source framework where everyone can learn to build and conduct business without years of experience or related degrees. It’s the perfect onboarding platform for large corporations and crypto beginners. 

Mushe’s collaboration with Constellation builds on the innovations of old blockchains like the Bitcoin network, which can be too slow for mass adoption, meaning they are not scalable. Blockchain also lets certain individuals within the network become too powerful due to its rapid centralization. Furthermore, there are fears that it could be put at risk if quantum computing becomes powerful enough to crack the encryptions.

Constellation Hypergraph is cryptographically secure, storing transactional records in a data dependency graph of cryptographic signatures. It was built to be simple and easy to integrate into other systems and applications, and scaling and speed are prioritized. In fact, as the size of the network continues, so does the speed. 

A new way to do crypto

Not only does the Mushe token offer an easy and accessible way to get involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, Mushe’s suite of services will also allow people to use their digital bank accounts to access crypto markets, bridging the gap between fiat currencies (legal tender) and crypto.

Allowing users to move between crypto and fiat with ease, send crypto to friends and make purchases with a prepaid card. Mushe aims to become the only financial solution users will need. 

Mushe is launching on July 4, 2022, with presale discount from April 18 exclusively available at By combining security and scalability with ease of use and crypto education, it is set to help drive cryptocurrency adoption on a global scale.

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