Nakamoto Games Announces Stablecoin Development and NAKAVERSE Land Sale as Part of Wide-Ranging Ecosystem Enhancements


Enhanced platform liquidity, better-earning opportunities, and a NAKAVRESE land sale that will be executed using $NAKA tokens were included in the team’s most recent development updates

Nakamoto Games, the world’s leading play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, has announced a series of exciting development updates for the growing Nakamoto Games community. These updates focus on stablecoin functionality and the upcoming land sale for the NAKAVERSE.

The $USP Stablecoin

The first announcement is regarding the development of a platform-native stablecoin. The Nakamoto team has initiated the research and development of an algorithmic stablecoin that will help bring new levels of liquidity and robust earning opportunities for players on the Nakamoto Games platform.

This new stablecoin, which will be called $USP, will be pegged to the US dollar. It will have rich applications in the DeFi (decentralized finance) space while providing holders with a stable crypto token that will shield against volatility and will provide stability to all platform participants.

Upon its initial release, the $USP token will be backed with a pool of $NAKA. This pool will be used to mint new $USP tokens. This process will ensure that all newly minted $USP has a corresponding level of $NAKA supporting its value.

Public NAKAVERSE Land Sale

The second announcement is regarding the highly-anticipated public sale of land in the NAKAVERSE, the native Metaverse environment of the Nakamoto Games platform. This environment closely resembles the real-world economy. With the land sale, which will launch on April 22, 2022, the general public can purchase land plots via smart contracts and enjoy immediate access to their land plots while paying in installments of either 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 months.

Tied with the second announcement is the announcement that the NAKAVERSE land sale will be executed using the $NAKA token. This approach adds a new dimension of utility to $NAKA token holders and further solidifies the importance of $NAKA in the wider Nakamoto Games ecosystem.

To ensure token stability and value, 25% of the $NAKA tokens from the digital land sale will be burned, and the remainder will be allocated to the Nakamoto Games reserve.

Nakamoto CEO Tor shared his thoughts about these updates and said: “While we continue to develop and release highly interactive and entertaining gaming titles, our platform continues to grow – in scope, features, services, and utility. With the addition of a native stablecoin and the launch of NAKAVERSE land parcels, we are bringing new, stable, and highly performant income-generating opportunities for our community and users. It’s an exciting time and we are pushing forward with the development and research of these new features and services on our platform.”

Prior to these development updates, the Nakamoto Games team announced a new Songkran Thai New Year campaign worth $5,000, the upcoming release of Outlanders, which is the first SDK release on Nakamoto Games, and the release of a single-player version of NAKA Strike, a popular multiplayer play-to-earn game.

About Nakamoto Games

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