Nansen Launches Encrypted Messaging App For Web3


Blockchain analytics platform Nansen has launched and rolled its latest product, one that’s a little different from what it has been offering for the past few years: an encrypted Web3-based messaging app.

Dubbed as Nansen Connect, the app is designed with end-to-end encryption for messaging, much like Telegram and Signal. The app is unique in that it asks users to log in with their Web3 wallet, then later specify and choose a username based on Nansen wallet labels.

“All this information will be easily accessible, and we look forward to seeing how it shapes the conversation,” shares Paul Harwood, Product Manager at Nansen.

Another unique feature for Nansen connect is with how users can primarily join groups based on their crypto and NFT portfolio. Statistics on token collections are tracked based on a user’s portfolio, which is synced with Nansen’s analytics dashboard. Nansen describes their messaging app as a “crypto-native communications hub” for Web3 communities, going on to claim that the app could help address and “mitigate some of the security flaws we see across the ecosystem.” 

“Users can hold influencers and other project leaders to account by monitoring treasuries and dumping in real time, and certain members may be elevated because they’re proven holders,” Harwood explained further.

The app is now launched, but it’s still in the beta phase, and only for select communities. This includes blue-chip NFT holder channels and what’s been tagged as “smart money” holders who provide top-tier liquidity across protocols and contracts. Nansen claims that the app will be synced with on-chain data for current holdings, transaction data, and other data sets that would be relevant to users and communities for contextualizing their portfolio and social platform.

“Nansen is already a key informational hub for the crypto world, and our core offering—wallet labeling for 120 million Ethereum addresses alone—centers on surfacing the identities and behaviors in the noise of blockchain data. Creating a social product is a natural evolution for these core competencies,” Harwood notes.

Nansen completed a $75 million (USD) Series B investment round in December 2021, with backing from investors such as Accel, GIC, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), SCB 10X, and Tiger Global. The firm was established sometime in 2020 and has since been providing analytics for on-chain data, wallet labels, and entities on mainstream blockchains such as BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Celo, and Ethereum, among others.

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