NDV Co-Founder Christian Bids Farewell to Friend.Tech, Suffers Hefty Loss


In a remarkable move that has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community, Christian, the co-founder of the renowned crypto fund NDV and a notable figure in the NFT market, has decided to part ways with the digital platform Friend.Tech. This departure is not without significant financial consequence, as Christian has reported a substantial loss of 200 Ethereum (ETH), a sum that translates to around half a million dollars given the current exchange rates. This development was shared by Christian himself on social media platforms on February 18th, marking a pivotal moment for both his career and the operations of Friend.Tech.

Amidst the financial turbulence of his exit, Christian has made a notable commitment to the Friend.Tech community, particularly to the holders of the platform’s ‘KEY’ digital asset. In an act reflecting his dedication to maintaining trust and integrity within the crypto space, he has offered to refund the fees to these KEY holders. Those who are eligible for reimbursement are encouraged to get in touch with him directly. This move underscores Christian’s willingness to ensure that his departure does not unduly affect the users of Friend.Tech, showcasing a level of accountability that is often sought but not always found in the volatile domain of cryptocurrency investments.

The impact on Friend.Tech and the NFT ecosystem

Friend.Tech has emerged as a unique platform within the digital landscape, facilitating direct interactions between users and their most admired influencers and celebrities through the innovative use of NFTs and other digital assets. Christian’s involvement with the platform, given his status as an NFT whale and a pioneer in the crypto fund arena, has been a significant factor in its growth and visibility in the market. Therefore, his exit is poised to have notable ramifications not only for Friend.Tech but also for the broader NFT ecosystem.

The loss of 200 ETH is a substantial financial hit for Christian and highlights the inherent risks associated with investments in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. This event also serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the market, where significant losses can occur alongside the potential for high returns.

The departure of a key figure like Christian from Friend.Tech raises questions about the platform’s future direction and its ability to continue attracting high-profile participation. It also shines a light on the challenges faced by platforms that rely heavily on the involvement of influential figures within the crypto and NFT spaces. However, Christian’s proactive approach to addressing the financial implications of his exit for KEY holders is a positive note in this unfolding story. It reflects a level of ethical consideration that could set a precedent for how individuals and entities in the crypto space manage their departures and transitions.

The future of crypto fund NDV and Friend.Tech

As the dust settles on this significant development, the focus shifts to the future trajectories of both Christian’s endeavors and Friend.Tech. For NDV, Christian’s departure from Friend.Tech and the associated financial loss may prompt a reassessment of investment strategies and partnerships within the crypto and NFT landscapes. The crypto fund, known for its innovative approaches and significant influence, will likely continue to play a key role in shaping the future of digital asset investments, albeit possibly with a more cautious stance in the wake of this experience.

For Friend.Tech, the challenge will be to navigate the aftermath of losing a high-profile contributor and supporter. The platform’s ability to innovate and maintain user engagement will be crucial in ensuring its continued growth and success. The emphasis on NFTs and digital interactions with celebrities remains a compelling proposition, and the platform’s response to this setback could demonstrate resilience and adaptability, qualities that are essential in the fast-paced digital world.


Christian’s exit from Friend.Tech, marked by a significant financial loss and a commendable commitment to reimbursing KEY holders, is a multifaceted development with implications for the individuals involved, the platform, and the wider NFT and cryptocurrency communities. It highlights the complexities of the digital asset market and the importance of ethical practices in navigating its challenges. As both NDV and Friend.Tech move forward, their strategies and developments will be closely watched by observers keen to understand the evolving dynamics of the digital asset space.

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