Near Protocol, Compound and Everlodge


Near Protocol (NEAR), Compound (COMP) and Everlodge (ELDG) are three of the most-bought altcoins among investor circles. But why did these three come out on top of thousands of projects and cryptos available? To find out the answer, today, we will be jumping into their on-chart data.


  • Near Protocol can spike to $1.77 by the end of the year according to analyst projections
  • Compound will reach $5.35 by the end of the year based on predictions
  • Everlodge to spike 4,000% at launch

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Near Protocol (NEAR) Future Price Outlook

The Near Protocol (NEAR) cryptocurrency has seen a surge in user activity and network fees since the beginning of the year. This Layer-1 blockchain experienced an increase in the daily user count, reaching a peak of 926.943 during September.

Moreover, this marked a jump of 2,500% for the Near Protocol network since the start of the year. The growing demand for the Near Protocol network can also increase the demand for cryptocurrency.

During the past week, the Near Protocol crypto traded at $1.09 on the low end, with a value of $1.18 at the high end. Based on analysts, however, the Near Protocol price prediction puts it at a value of $1.77 by the end of the year.

Compound (COMP) to Surge in Value

The Compound (COMP) project is a DeFi protocol that lets users accumulate interest by depositing crypto on the platform. The Total Value Locked (TVL) for  Compound is currently at $1.19 billion, which has been consolidating for a long time. The annualized revenue of the Compound protocol is $3.62 million.

Moreover, the current market cap for Compound is at $307 million. In the past week, the COMP crypto traded between $35.21 and $40.65. However, according to the Compound price prediction, it can reach $5.35 by the end of the year.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Spike by 4,000%

The Everlodge platform aims to create a groundbreaking platform that changes how traders and investors interact with the luxury real estate market. Traditionally, those aiming to make an investment in the sphere of luxury villas or hotels would need a lot of upfront capital. So if someone wanted to buy a penthouse in New York, or maybe a villa in the Maldives, they would need $2,000,000 or even above.

The Everlodge platform digitizes and then mints these properties as NFTs. They then get split into smaller pieces through a process known as fractionalization. Here, anyone can own a percentage of them for as little as $100. 

As their value appreciates, so will the value of the NFT. Moreover, anyone can also invest in rental properties for fixed passive income. The native token is ELDG, and anyone can stake it on the platform or engage in governance. 

During Stage 3 of the presale, it trades at just $0.018. However, it’s projected that the presale will move to Stage 4 during the next week, and the token will experience a price surge. Analysts project that Everlodge can spike by 4,000% at launch at this growth rate. 

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