NFT market: CRO and its label Two Sides invest in the non-fungible tokens


With more than half a decade in operation, the NFT market advances in the musical field by adding new participants. Recently, the German rapper CRO, and his record label Two Sides, invested part of his funds in the virtual website “NFT FUEL.” It is a digital project in which enthusiasts can create, manage and sell their virtual pieces without having extensive experience in the market.

Like the non-fungible token market, Cryptos is recovering from a slight drop in value due to global regulations. The NFT market would be rising due to the adoption wave within the music industry, where more artists are present with technology every day.

FUEL proposes an NFT scheme with greater control

FUEL, the virtual website dedicated to the non-fungible token market, receives Carlo Waibel, better known as CRO in the artistic world. According to reports, the interface would support the German singer so he could create his first virtual pieces with the label that represents him.

The NFT interface launched its first financial batch for March 2022. FUEL has stood out for being a website for creating, administering, and selling virtual parts that work autonomously from OpenSea, the largest virtual NFT auction house in the market. According to reports, CRO would enter the list of featured clients in FUEL.

The businessman Osojnik David CEO at Bitcamp, would also participate within FUEL and Pennington Michael Gumtree creator.

Web development FUEL drives virtual commerce


The FUEL developments are undoubtedly driven by virtual commerce based on NFT. According to its creators, the non-fungible market adapts to the musical field. The NFTs give each piece a purchasing value, which increases the bond between the fan and the artist who developed the image.

But the head agent of the Two Sides record company believes that the musical field should be renewed, and the non-fungible market provides that opportunity. The record company also believes that FUEL is a crucial piece for virtual evolution, and that is why they are pleased to use it.

The FUEL virtual project was officially launched in 2021 under the guidance of Binh Thanh and Barabasi Csongor. It is a simple interface committed to explaining the market and access to many fans. In previous months, the non-fungible trade opened up to prominent music artists like Snoop Dog and Eminem.

The virtual market has also renewed the sports field being valid for various players in the US and other countries. Initially, NFTs benefited the artistic area, but their developments have shown their operations go further.

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