NFTs as Flag Bearers Shaping the Era of Gamification

  • NFTs continue to revolutionize the world.
  • The gaming industry saw the biggest growth thanks to NFTs.
  • NFT Gamification converts in-game items to NFTs.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have undoubtedly revolutionized the world using their innovative technology, and several industries have adopted them to accommodate the growing demand. One of the biggest growth seen because of NFTs is in the gaming industry, with more and more projects and gamers participating in the world of NFT gaming.

The growing popularity of the metaverse has acted as a catalyst for NFT gaming development with several promising Metaverse gaming projects being promoted by launchpads, such as EnjinStarter. The blockchain characteristics and superb utility of these NFT gaming projects allow players to use the NFTs as characters, commodities, special abilities, and other tradable objects in games. This ability to convert in-game assets to NFTs is called NFT gamification.

What is NFT Gamification?

NFT gamification refers to the process of applying blockchain technology to the typical gaming elements such as point scoring, competition, and in-game assets. The combination of gaming and blockchain technology has given birth to the GameFi industry where users can swap and trade game assets for financial rewards.

NFT gaming is a simple process in which, in-game assets are programmed as NFTs to have value among players and collectors and facilitate their trade. NFT gamification works in various ways and has changed the way gamers interact with the gaming industry. Some of the benefits of NFT Gamification are:

  • A source of income using Play-to-Earn games.
  • The rise of Play-to-Earn Guilds.
  • Interoperability of in-game assets.
  • NFT Staking.

Due to these benefits, the demand for NFT gaming projects that integrate with the metaverse is exponentially increasing. To facilitate this demand, EnjinStarter, a launchpad focused on blockchain gaming and metaverse is helping in the launch of promising and reliable NFT gaming projects.

EjninStarter is a blockchain gaming and metaverse-focused launchpad conceptualized in early 2021. The launchpad aims to help creators and game developers to embrace the Enjin Ecosystem for their blockchain components and digital asset strategy.

It is an independent startup affiliated with Enjin that offers a lucrative and secure ecosystem that helps curate credible projects to accelerate using capital raising and Community Management. Using EjninStarter, project and game developers can explore new and innovative ways to raise capital for their projects fairly and transparently.

The platform is NFT-friendly and connects with the utility and resources of the Enjin ecosystem to build a new world of digital ownership.

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