Niftables Introduces Its White-label NFT Platform Solution For Brands And Creators Globally


The NFT industry remains incredibly popular and innovative ideas are abundant. Niftables wants to become the key provider of all-in-one NFT technology for brands and creators. Going from vision to building white-label non-fungible token platforms will become more accessible, creating many exciting opportunities. 

The Power Of Niftables

Like cryptocurrency exchange and other solutions in the blockchain world, one can build NFT platforms through white-label solutions. Finding the optimal provider of white-label solutions can be tricky, yet Niftables aims to make a strong bid. The team is building an all-in-one solution to help creators establish their own NFT platforms with ease. More importantly, the technology is used by dozens of brands and creators today, with more likely to follow. 

As global demand for non-fungible tokens continues to accelerate, the infrastructure needs to grow along with it. Brands and creators looking to explore NFTs still ace many unnecessary hurdles. Concepts such as designing, developing, minting, and NFT distribution remain tough to tackle. Niftables wants to eliminate those barriers and create a suite anyone can take full advantage of,

Niftables Co-founder Jordan Aitali adds:

A one-stop-shop doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all. That’s why Niftables is built to let creators and brands fully customize their white-label NFT platforms from the get-go. We ensure that each creator’s NFT platform is in tandem with their branding and overall vision.

The Niftables framework connects brands and creators with cutting-edge custom technology and full automation of NFT utilities. Thanks to the Niftables Metamarket, users can connect front-end and back-end aspects into a manageable NFT network. Moreover, creators can launch their non-fungible tokens directly into a market supporting their utility. 

Supporting Crucial Technologies And Forward-Thinking

The approach by Niftables ensures creators can experiment with virtual reality and augmented reality compatible 3D galleries. Creations facilitated through this service will be metaverse-ready and benefit from crypto and fiat payment gateways and integrated custody solutions. All of these aspects help streamline the integration of mainstream users into the NFT industry and beyond. 

The current plan is for Niftables to launch a cross-chain and fiat-ready marketplace without gas fees. Enthusiasts, buyers, and holders can buy, trade, sell, swap, and redeem NFTs or rewards from the creators’ white-label platforms. Moreover, buyers can browse all verified white-label platforms, stores, and collections. The marketplace also supports displaying 3D meta galleries, integration with OpenSea and Rarible, and facilitating second-market sales of NFTs. 

Powering the Niftables platform is the aptly named $NFT token. One can use $NFT for payments throughout the Niftables ecosystem or leverage it for customized user profiles and discounted rates on purchases from external white-label platforms. When $NFT launches, it will have a capped supply of $500 million, distributed across Seed, Private, and Public rounds. 

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