One Million.Gallery – An Exclusive Digital Canvas for NFT Collectors


We believe that the future of art, expression and status, is Digital.

OneMillion.Gallery is home to 97 exclusive NFT Canvases. Each Canvas Space is blank and is its own NFT with unique properties, representing an exclusive Digital Canvas for Individuals, NFT Collectors, Investors and Enthusiasts to own.

Each Canvas represents a piece of digital history and is laid out in a Grid format compromising of One Million pixels.

96 of the 97 Canvases are identical in size, with the 97th (‘Aether’), being the largest available in the Gallery.

Within the Gallery, there are several, unique mechanisms at play that will ultimately determine the long-term value of each Canvas – these will be driven by both Canvas Owners and the wider NFT Community.

Each Canvas has its own attributes, both in the form of its unique Gallery coordinates and more importantly, user-influenced attributes which serve to create the provenance, history and story behind each Canvas.

Crucially, whether you upload an existing NFT to your Canvas, Audio or Video, or whether you don’t do anything… whatever you do or don’t do will directly influence the history and identity of your Canvas and its place in both NFT and digital history.

Our Roadmap is entirely predicated on delivering maximum value to our community, both in the form of Airdrops, on-site customisation and most notably our ‘Crown Jewel’.  We will be developing a fully proprietary and customisable OneMillion.Gallery Metaverse.

In terms of what being a Canvas Owner means, it means that you are part of a very exclusive, rare and influential community. Due to the fact that there are only 97 Canvases available, OneMillion.Gallery is already one of the smaller NFT projects in existence outside of 1/1 Art, Photography and Render projects.

The OneMillion.Gallery Roadmap is both exciting and promising, offering huge value to the select community that chooses to become Canvas Owners.  By Stage 6, we are going to create the most sophisticated and customisable Metaverse gallery on Web3. There are so many things that we’ve identified with platforms such as Oncyber and Spatial that can be iterated and advanced so much that it becomes THE place for discerning NFT Collectors to house their collections in a way that truly represents them.

Our mission is to create a space that is truly customisable and allows Canvas Owners to fully express themselves, adding their personality and distinct ‘vibe’ – moving away from simply uploading NFTs into various blank spaces in a pre-fabricated 3D room.

OneMillion.Gallery is to be released in 5 phases – with the outermost part of the Gallery being available for sale, moving toward the centre of the Gallery at each subsequent stage.

We do not offer a whitelist or presale. 

Phase 1, which is the first 36 Canvases in the Gallery, will be launched via OpenSea on April 25th

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