One of a Kind, Never to Be Repeated Piece Up For Auction on Opensea


A one of a kind, never to be repeated NFT by creator Pia London has gone up for auction on OpenSea.

Entitled “Rainbow Cat”, the piece consists of a big rainbow kitty made up of 1,200 smaller kitties. There are more than 300 unique designs featured within the one image, ranging from your more conventional moggies to some more unusual, zany coloured cats.

The piece is the only one of its kind and will be the one and only NFT to be released by Pia London.

“Because this will be the only NFT I will ever make, whoever purchases this will be the only one in the world who owns a piece by Pia London,” the creator says.

“I’m hoping to target discerning collectors who are after a one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated pieces that are guaranteed to be 100% unique forever.

“If you’re looking for a piece that nobody else has, what better way to get hold of one than by purchasing from an artist who will only ever release the one piece?”

Bids for Rainbow Cat start at 700 ETH. Auction ends at 11:49am GMT+10 on May 20 2022.

Make your offer at: b5e/4705606277874413683219717257730562701877141725653002299 8807983792475485503489

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For questions or more information, contact Pia London at [email protected]

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