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Origin Protocol is joining forces with one of blockchain’s most prolific NFT investors and evangelists, 888, as ‘Guardian of the Realm’ of his latest project, the 888 Inner Circle. Formed to celebrate 888’s milestone of reaching 88,888 followers on Twitter, the 888 Inner Circle is a place where token holders are granted access to mint exclusive curated drops by world-class artists, gain early access to partner drops and real-life events. As a Guardian of the Realm, Origin will be charged with managing and distributing 10,000 exclusive NFTs to the Origin community and beyond. These tokens will grant the holder access to the 888 Inner Circle and all its benefits.

“The opportunity to work with 888 and the 888 Inner Circle is an exciting opportunity to introduce Origin Story and OGN to a new and crypto-native audience. 888 is one of the most well-known collectors in the space and we share many of the same values when it comes to building communities for Web3. Our role as a Guardian of the Realm is mutually beneficial to OGN token holders, members of the 888 Inner Circle, and the NFT community at large.” — Matthew Liu, Origin Cofounder.

The 888 Inner Circle is a tokenized membership club of over 40,000 artists and fans. Its goal is to provide unparalleled on-chain utility, and to date has seen its members receive airdrops from leading NFT creators, been granted early whitelist access to new projects, and are currently awaiting upcoming drops from top artists such as BT, who you may remember from the Metaversal drop on Origin Story. Beyond the giveaways, several online and offline events are planned and soon to be announced.

Members of the 888 Inner Circle and their respective Guardian community will have multiple benefits from both 888 and Origin, including:

  • Carefully curated, world-class drops by leading artists
  • Early access to 888 drops
  • Early access to partner drops
  • Dedicated 888 The New World drops
  • Realm-specific NFT drops curated by the Origin team
  • Events in Metaverse Spaces (e.g. Decentraland, Wilder World)
  • VIP Access to real-life events, parties, and festivals
  • Early access to premier partner merch and apparel drops
  • And much, much more

On top of this, Origin intends to offer perks and benefits exclusively to token holders from within our Realm. This will evolve over time, however VIP access to Origin and partner events, and additional utility on Origin Story are two areas we are currently thinking about.

OGN token holders and Origin community members will be the primary beneficiaries of our new role as Guardian of the Realm for 888 Inner Circle. The majority of our NFT distributions will focus on existing token holders. Beyond that, we intend to provide 888 Inner Circle NFTs to select Origin Story users, attendees of real-life meet-ups like the one we recently held at Art Basel in Miami, and online community events. In short, the best way to maximize your chances of becoming an 888 Inner Circle Member is to be an active participant in our communities and to follow us on social media for further updates.

A brief list of our most active communities and social media channels can be found below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/originprotocol

Telegram: https://t.me/originprotocol

Discord: https://originprotocol.com/discord

Instagram: https://instagram.com/originprotocol

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/originprotocol

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/originprotocol

Stay tuned as we begin to announce 888 Inner Circle NFT giveaways!

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