Ozzy Osbourne CRYPTOBATZ NFT Project Info


NFTs are undeniably the hottest new trend in the realms of art and technology, and various notable icons including artists, actors and athletes are swiftly starting to dip their toes into the space with creations and launches of their own. The latest rockstar to hop on the bandwagon is Ozzy Osbourne who has just announced the release of his latest CryptoBatz NFT project — which is made in collaboration with NFT Studio Sutter Systems — that has the world’s first mutating feature.

The Black Sabbath vocalist titled his initiative Cryptobatz to honor his infamous on-stage moment when he bit the head off of a bat. In total, he is slated to reveal 9,666 totally unique NFT bats, all of which have the capability of birthing another. If you’re an owner, you have the option of activating a feature that allows your purchase to “bite” and mutate with another NFT from their digital wallet including Bored Ape Yacht Club, SupDucks, Cryptotoadz and a fourth mystery project that has not yet been unveiled.

If you’re interested in purchasing an NFT from the English artist, the whitelist pre-sale opens on Dec 27 via the CryptoBatz discord channel. 2,500 guaranteed CryptoBat pre-sale whitelist passes will be available exclusively via the CryptoBat Discord channel and successful applicants will can mint up to three CryptoBatz per wallet. Public minting opens in early February via the CryptoBatz site, and you have the option of minting one CryptoBat per wallet.

In other news, an Indian superhero co-created by Stan Lee is becoming an NFT collection.

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