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The long-awaited roadmap is here! The PancakeSwap team ($CAKE) is serious about making promises to its community as it released a list of “goodies” in the first quarter of 2022. This roadmap will provide the community with a timeline of much-anticipated events.

In the past, PancakeSwap had established a “to-do” list without any semblance of a timeline. The rationale behind this decision was to maintain some discretion around further development and marketing.

The newly released roadmap is divided into three categories: Ongoing/Recurring tasks, Done/Iterating tasks, and the highly anticipated upcoming events in 2022 Q1. There is a brief explanation of why certain items didn’t make the “Coming Up” list, and this is purely for confidentiality reasons.

A roadmap like the one PancakeSwap has launched is a fantastic way to keep the team accountable for upcoming tasks as well as offer some transparency to the supporting community.

Expectations for this Roadmap

Some exciting details are popping up on the provided roadmap. Included is a plan to launch Initial Farm Offering 3.1 (IFO) which includes new syrup pools as well as private sales. If you stake $CAKE in syrup pools you can anticipate earning free tokens. Additionally, MasterChef V2 is lined up with new tokenomics and future products.

Take a look at the provided Q1 goodies and you will find fixed-term staking, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) utility, NFT gamification, lottery v3, limit order, and affiliate programs. This will undoubtadly stir up some excitement within the Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

$CAKE prices (currently at $7.70) have drastically declined since April of last year when prices reached a high of $43.46. This could be the explanation for the emergence of other DEXs and the decline of new products.

BSC in 2022

Despite declines, things are looking up for BSC in the 2022 year. Due to appealing perks and rewards, there is incentive for developers to build on BSC. The BSC team is also utilizing their generously allotted $1 billion to assist promising new projects build on BSC. The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) IV also contributes to the financial incentives to build on BSC.

As the Web3 gains momentum, other projects are taking steps forward, such as Cardano ($ADA), Solana ($SOL), and Polkadot ($DOT). PancakeSwap is also stepping forward with this exciting new fixed timeline that will assure its community of their dedication to innovation and transparency as they grow and develop.

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