Payments Service Klarna Adopts ChatGPT Technology


Klarna will leverage the best technology and data to help people discover new products.

Payments and shopping service Klarna may be the latest company to partner with OpenAI to use ChatGPT. According to a recent announcement by the firm, the ChatGPT Plugin has now been integrated and will serve as a personal shopping assistant to Klarna users, ushering in a new era of personalized shopping experience. That is, users may now ask Klarna for shopping advice or product recommendations, and even receive links to shop for their preferred products.

ChatGPT Brings Value to Everyone, Says Klarna CEO

Meanwhile, Klarna Co-Founder and CEO, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, has hailed the integration of the ChatGPT plugin. In his statement, he expressed his excitement at its ease of use, citing that it has passed the ‘mom test.’ That is, the plugin is so easy to understand that even his mom will have no problems benefitting from it. The CEO said partly:

“It’s easy to use and genuinely solves a ton of problems — it drives tremendous value for everyone.”

Furthermore, the CEO added that the ChatGPT plugin puts Klarna in a unique spot where it can leverage the best technology and data to help people discover new products. In addition to this, Klarna now also stands unique in solving problems for consumers at every stage of their shopping journey.

How It Works

Users have to install the Klarna plugin from the ChatGPT plugin store and then can ask for shopping ideas from ChatGPT. Once this is done, such users will receive product recommendations. However, a user may provide further prompts if necessary, to receive additional recommendations, says the press release.

Meanwhile, the plugin will be initially rolled out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers in the United States and Canada alone.  However, the rollout will eventually extend to more users and regions around the world, per the release.

Without a doubt, OpenAI’s ChatGPT system is fast becoming a global sensation. Since its launch about four months ago, many firms have been warming up to the consumer-centric artificial intelligence (AI) tool. One such firm is the online payments and processing platform Stripe.

Last week, OpenAI and Stripe announced that they will be partnering on some projects. The partnership will see OpenAI use Stripe’s financial infrastructure platform to monetize its products. And on the other hand, will help Stripe integrate OpenAI’s generative AI technology into its products and services.


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