Pikaster New Era’s INO Concluded


Pikaster New Era’s INO concluded on 29/08/2022 and set new bars. The first round of INO has been held on KuCoin Wonderland while the second round is on Gamefi.org.

Both names are certainly familiarized among GameFi communities:

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for numerous digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Launched in September 2017, KuCoin has grown into one of the most popular crypto exchanges and already has over 20 million registered users across 207 countries and regions around the world. Furthermore, as the home of crypto gems, KuCoin has supported over 700 projects with 1,200+ trading pairs.

GameFi.org is an all-encompassing hub for game finance. Its ecosystem features GameFi Hub, Launchpad, Marketplace, Guild Hub, and Metaverse. Moreover, GameFi.org was created to work out problems that most game studios have encountered and discovered effective ways in developing a platform that builds relationships with game developers, players, and investors all in one place.

A total of 2500 users have participated in the INO – 5000 NFTs have been sold out!

Furthermore, the NFTs in the INO were priced at 60 USD / Egg, which is marked similarly to the current NFTs floor price on KCC. In addition, with the game launching on BNB Chain – an ecosystem consisting of many more players and vibrancy, the necessary use-cases for NFTs in breeding and evolutions will mean the demand for NFTs will rise exponentially. A confidently-positive prospect of NFT prices will be expected, meaning an increase in price floor is inevitable.

Leading GameFi project on KCC

Pikaster is a leading play-to-earn GameFi project developed by Metaland and powered by Unity Engine. It is built on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). A card-based battle strategy PvE and PvP game, featuring Pikaster (as NFTs).

Moreover, the game includes a range of features, including innovative NFTs Staking and Evolution mechanisms, Scholars system, Guilds, World Trees, Marketplace, as well as in-game wallets. Additionally, a 3-token model has been adopted – $RBP $SRBP as game tokens and $MLS as governance token. The 3-token model provides a distinctive perspective for tackling in-game inflation, allowing superior control on the balance of token minting Vs. burning.

Game mechanics are straightforward:
  •  A player chooses 3 to 5 Pikasters to enter a battle, where 3 Pikasters will begin the line-up.
  • When one of them is defeated, your backup Pikaster will then enter the battle.
  • At the beginning of each turn, each player will get 6 random skill cards and 3 Energy Points.
  •  The battle will begin when both players are ready. There are 6 classes of Pikasters where each class will restrain one another.
  • Weather conditions will also enhance or restrain different class attributes.
Currently, the total registered users’ number reaches the 400,000 mark, while stable daily active users are at approximately 5,000 players. The total community size reaches 200,000 players!

Launching on BNB Chain and the INO (concluded on 29/Aug/2022)

Entering BNB Ecosystem – The new deployment for Pikaster on BNB Chain is strategically beneficial in many ways:

  1. A New Era on a New Ecosystem: Pikaster V2.0.0 will be released on BNB Chain on 02/Sept/2022, with a new game subtitle Pikaster – New Era. The new upgrade includes NFT evolutions – where players are allowed to upgrade their NFTs using ”retired NFTs” as materials. While NFT staking will allow players to stake their NFTs in order to earn rewards. There are also other important balances that have been made by the team. In addition, Pikaster V2.0 will release on BNB Chain effectively as a new game.
  2.  Expanding its reach: BNB Ecosystem has been renowned for its vibrancy and diversity. Moreover, by building on the platform, Pikaster can leverage BNB’s ecosystem partners and their support, thereby expanding its reach and acquiring new players.
  3.  Replicating success: Pikaster has been the No.1 GameFi Project on KCC. The Metaland Team is dedicated to replicating its enormous success on BNB Chain while bringing unique gaming experiences to players.
  4. Future releases: The Metaland Team, based in Singapore, is planning to launch at least 2 more new games. A football-themed game, coinciding with the World Cup, will be releasing its BETA in October 2022. Collaborating with BNB Chain creates possibilities for Metaland to explore a wider range of partners and future supports.
  5.  Cross-chain Deployment: Pikaster in-game assets on KCC, including NFTs and in-game tokens $RBP / $SRBP, will not be bridged to Pikaster on BNB. Therefore, all in-game assets co-exist separately between two ecosystems, each with its own economies and valuations.


A total of 5000 NFTs were sold in two rounds, the first round on KuCoin and second round on Gamefi.org. The INO was a huge success with enormous interests among players: a total of 2500 participants took part in whitelisting, where 300,000 USD were raised in total sales, with 5000 NFTs all sold out. The promising results are extremely good indications that Pikaster is already a leading project with great feedbacks and popularities among players, and it is a fair comment, considering the game has already reached 5k stable DAU and 400k in total registered users.

Check out the in-game Marketplace here.

Many partnerships and benefits await all players
DEX listings

Pikaster partners strategically with Biswap and will be listing 3 trading pairs as $MLS/$BUSD, $SRBP/$BUSD, and $RBP/$BUSD on 31/Aug/2022. To celebrate the launch, a launch pool dedicates to players who will stake in the launch pool and earn MLS rewards.

Biswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap tokens on the BNB Smart Chain. Besides having a novel referral system and low trading fees, Biswap also offers an assortment of products and services. It also includes a trading platform, farms, launch pools, an NFT marketplace, trading competitions, and an NFT game.

Game Launch Benefits

In addition, Pikaster will launch officially on BNB Chain on 02/Sept/2022, where there will be a series of exciting in-game events and rewards for all players.

For all players:

  • 3-days Reduced Vitality Depletions
  • World Trees Rewards Boost
  • Lucky Draws and Evolution Draws
  • Seasonal Activities Opening
  • Chances to obtain Dedicated PvP Badges
For the loyal players:
  • Landing plan – Stamina Conversions
  • Special Airdrops
  • Dedicated Avatars and Emojis
A sneak peek into the exciting roadmaps ahead

According to reliable sources – the Metaland team will be releasing their highly-anticipated second game in October. The game has been in development since last year and will be published in collaboration with Binance.

All exciting news in anticipation for Pikaster on BNB Chain! Get ready players!

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