Plan an early retirement with Tezos (XTZ), Quitriam Finance (QTM), and Elrond (EGLD)


Retiring early is everybody’s dream but it requires careful planning so you can have enough funds to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. Tezos (XTZ), Quitriam Finance (QTM), and Elrond (EGLD) are three cryptocurrencies that can help you in realizing huge gains to plan for this future. Quitriam Finance is presently being sold through a presale and you can easily accumulate huge quantities of this token.

It will provide DEX and DeFi services along with a NFT launchpad and incubator site. The Tezos and Elrond networks have also launched exciting updates in the recent weeks that make them strong bets for potentially huge returns in 2022. Let’s find out if these three tokens can deliver great returns and help you to retire early. 

Tezos launches Jakarta update

Tezos blockchain network is a self-upgradable system that does not require a hard fork. It is powered by the XTZ Token. The Tezos network is known for long-term upgradability, decentralization, open collaboration, and smart contract safety. The Tezos network has recently teased the launch of the Jakarta update which is one of the most important upgrades for the XTZ network. It will help in scaling and launch of layer 2 solutions on the Tezos network. The XTZ Token was trading at $2.15 at the time of writing and remains highly undervalued given its smart contract capabilities. 

Elrond network has 12.44M staked EGLD

The Elrond network has seen increased participation from whales and retail players in the past few weeks. Its growing adoption has triggered a wave of new users on the EGLD chain. Elrond disclosed that it had achieved 1.63M accounts representing 45.98M transactions and 12.44M staked EGLD tokens. Last week, Elrond also saw the introduction of a new launchpad ecosystem known as BHero. The EGLD Token was trading at $108.56 at the time of writing. 

Quitriam Finance provides peer-to-peer liquidity services

Unlike centralized exchanges that depend on other AMM’s (automated market maker) for liquidity, DEX platforms have an advantage because they can directly provide incentives to users for providing liquidity pairs. 

However, even decentralized platforms suffer fromissues such as slippage losses and the impermanent losses suffered due to inefficient trading pairs. Quitriam Finance is powered by the QTM Token and will help in solving issues surrounding traditional DEXs. It will provide easy liuquidity pairing options and will introduce a stable coin known as QT. Users will be able to earn staking and liquidity mining rewards for their participation. Stable coins help in overcoming impermanent loss for liquidity providers as they have less volatility. 

Since the ecosystem is deployed on multiple blockchain networks, users of Quitriam finance will benefit from lower gas fees compared to Ethereum based DEXs. 

Holders of QTM will get the following benefits:

1. Staking rewards.

2. Liquidity mining rewards.

3. Governance rights through a secondary token called MC.

4. Lightning swaps and real-time transaction settlement.

5. Fast trading in a permission-less and secure manner. 

6. Custody of funds will remain with the user at all times. 

7. Access to high-yield farms. 

8. 0.2% of the transaction fee is redistributed to token holders. 

In addition, the Quitriam Finance team will also help in launching other promising and upcoming cryptocurrency tokens. It will help in the marketing and listing of other tokens on the DEX powered by the QTM platform. 

You can purchase the QTM Token as it has many use cases and could experience a huge rally in the future. Always invest funds that are not immediately required in the near future as cryptocurrency investments yield bigger profits in the long term. Learn to ignore short-term volatility and lock funds for a longer period in order to gain handsome returns. 

Follow the coin’s progress on a daily basis to stay updated and adjust your portfolio as required.  

Learn more about Quitriam Finance (QTM)

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