PlayMining Metaverse To Launch First Land NFTs For Creator Nations


PlayMining metaverse creator Digital Entertainment Asset has launched the first of its NFTs, known as the Land NFT, for its GameFi universe. 

The NFTs are designed by the legendary Manga artist Fujiwara Kamui, who shot to fame for his work on the popular Boukyaku no Rakuen anime series in the 1980s. DEA said the first Land NFT will certify the owner’s citizenship within the Fujiwara Kamui Nation, one of several “Creator Nations” within a PlayMining Metaverse that boasts more than 2.3 million registered gamers from 200 nations, and is especially popular in Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 


The PlayMining Metaverse is one of the fastest growing NFT game platforms and has taken the GameFi world by storm. Having launched in May 2020, the PlayMining Metaverse is home to a number of popular play-to-earn games including JobTribes, Puzzle×JobTribes and Lucky Farmer. In addition, PlayMining is home to a busy NFT marketplace that allows users to buy and sell nonfungible tokens for crypto. 


The Fujiwara Kamui Nation is one of the biggest creator nations in the PlayMining universe with its concept of “Genesis of the Earth, a world where gods and goddesses coexist with humans”. It’s a nation where gods and goddesses work together with their human counterparts to try and build an ideal world for all. 


DEA said the first Land NFTs will go on sale in its marketplace in the spring, cementing its vision of protecting creator’s digital rights. 

“We are convinced that the Metaverse project is unique and unparalleled in its focus on the creativity of creators, coming from Japan, one of the world’s leading creator-producing countries,” the company’s statement added. 

The NFTs will be the first of many more tokens set to be launched by different Creator Nations in the PlayMining Metaverse. 


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