PsyOptions Acquiring Tap Finance Is A Crucial Milestone For Decentralized Options Trading On Solana


The Solana blockchain is home to some interesting and exciting decentralized finance opportunities. For example, solutions like Tap Finance and PsyOptions go beyond traditional liquidity provision and yield farming. Instead, they provide exposure to cryptocurrency-related options, tapping into a significant market. 


What Is PsyOptions?

The concept behind PsyOptions is rather interesting. The options protocol on the Solana blockchain uses physically settled contracts. Following a recent IEO on FTX and – and subsequent listings for spot trading of $PSY – the protocol now looks to expand its footprint. The acquisition of Tap Finance and its Decentralized Options Vault (DOV) technology puts a different spin on the options trading industry. 


The main appeal of PsyOptions is how it provides exposure to options “the American way”. However, its upcoming undercollateralized options protocol borrows elements from the European market model. PsyOptions will also serve as the main settlement layer and clearinghouse for Decentralized Options Vault when it launches on the Solana blockchain. Acquiring Tap Finance is a crucial step toward becoming the go-to on-chain financial services provider for DeFi enthusiasts globally. 


PsyOptions Core Contributor Tommy Johnson adds:

“Our team is extremely excited to bring Tap under the PSY DAO to lead structured products. This deal isn’t just great because of these incredible developers and people, we are also quickly expanding the PSY DAOs geographical footprint to increase censorship resistance and create an ecosystem with no bounds. We’ve created an incredible roadmap together, and have already begun executing!”


More importantly, the acquisition lets PsyOptions – and PsyFinance, formerly Tap Finance – leverage options-based yield solutions by combining PsyOptions’ and Tap Finance’s native technology stack into one robust infrastructure. Furthermore, the team can now effortlessly spin up new vaults tied to specific crypto assets when there is sufficient user demand. 


Ongoing DOV Evolution

The Decentralized Options Vault concept currently provides PsyOptions users with exposure to BTC, ETH, SOL, stSOL, FIDA, USDT, USDC, and PAI. Additionally, users can benefit from Covered Call and Secured put strategies, two automated options strategies generating revenue. 


The European architecture powering future PsyOptions’ products will benefit the upcoming revamp of the Decentralized Options Vault. Version two of this product is under development and will help increase the capital efficiency of the protocol. In turn, that will provide better yield for all users leveraging the protocol’s automated options strategies. Moreover, the DOV v2 will feature liquidity mining initiatives, introducing another revenue stream for users. 


The transition from 100% collateralized and asset-settled American-style options to undercollateralized cash-settled European-style options marks a significant milestone for the Solana DeFi ecosystem. It also highlights the versatility of this ecosystem and the products built on top of it. The acquisition of Tap Finance by PsyOptions confirms decentralized finance can cater to a more mature and institutional-level crowd. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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