QANplatform Showcases Its Quantum Attack-Resistant Blockchain


Quantum attack-resistant blockchain QANplatform has announced the landmark public release of its QAN TestNet, demonstrating how it solves a number of fundamental issues that threaten the success of established blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The launch of the QAN TestNet comes alongside the results of an IBM Platinum partner audit of QANplatform’s technology, including its multi-language smart contract QAN Virtual Machine. 

QANplatform is a layer-one hybrid blockchain that’s designed to be resistant to being hacked by quantum computers, one of the main concerns of other blockchains. While quantum machines haven’t yet realized their potential, there is a lot of uneasiness in the crypto community over what might happen if and when they do. Quantum computers will be so powerful that they’ll be able to crack the private keys of all existing blockchains in nanoseconds – if that happens, those projects would lose all confidence and almost certainly be doomed to fail. 

With QANplatform, developers and enterprises can build quantum-resistant smart contracts, NFTs, decentralized applications, DeFi and even a metaverse using any programming language. 

That’s not all though, for QANplatform’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Johann Polecsak has determined to build the most appealing blockchain of all. His focus is on eliminating not only the threat of quantum-powered hacks but any possible reason that might dissuade the use of blockchain. 

To that end, QANplatform aims for rapid, easy adoption through integrations to any programming language plus widely-used software development and IT operations tools. It means QANplatform can be deployed on any cloud platform in less than five minutes. It will also be the first layer one blockchain to let users validate transactions with a smartphone. 

With so much promise in store it’s easy to see why the QAN TestNet launch is such a big moment. For the first time, anyone can validate its effectiveness and start building on QANplatform. 

The launch follows a busy year for the QANplatform community in 2021 that saw it raise funds through VC and IDO rounds before its QANX token was listed on the popular decentralized exchanges Uniswap and PancakeSwap. 



QANplatform’s 2022 roadmap was also published today, revealing its QVM technology will be added to the next major release later in the first quarter. 

Polecsak said the public launch of the TestNet is the first “truly defining milestone” for QANplatform, and promised 2022 will be an “astonishing year” lots more to come. 

“We are demonstrating various groundbreaking advancements with it which will make QAN’s tech foundation unquestionable,” Polecsak said. “QANplatform can solve current and known near-future problems of blockchain technology and it is a stable base for high-throughput DApps, Tokens, DeFi solutions, DAOs, NFTs, and Metaverse projects.”


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