Quadency Launches Major Upgrade to Crypto Platform


Road Town, British Virgin Islands, 16th December, 2021, Chainwire

Phased Revamp Simplifies Access to Digital Assets as the Mainstream Arrives

Quadency has launched a phased overhaul of its trading and strategy automation platform to allow seamless access to crypto across centralized and decentralized exchanges through a single account.

As part of the upgrade, the platform will feature:

  • Industry best trading fees discounted further with QUAD, the native platform token
  • Faster, simplified user experience with tools for investors such as ‘1-click’ staking
  • More automation, building on the popularity of existing bots like their Portfolio Rebalancer

Quadency, with its integrated exchange, will serve as a single access point to a broad range of assets across centralized and decentralized sources —- addressing market fragmentation issues that have long plagued the industry.

First launched in 2018, Quadency soon introduced a library of automated trading strategies with easy-to-use bots that free users from having to sit in front of their screens 24/7. The firm grew to support most leading global exchanges, partnering directly with many of them such as Binance, in the process. 

The platform is free to all users during the revamp, as Quadency prepares to leverage the QUAD token to reward users who contribute to the platform ecosystem through activities like trading, staking, liquidity mining, or sharing bot strategies. The first project out of their native launchpad, QUAD is an ERC-20 token with support for additional blockchains in the technical development plans.

Quadency CEO and Co-Founder Rosh Singh said: “Cryptocurrency is a burgeoning market, expected to grow from $2.5 trillion today, to over $10 trillion in the coming years. But for the average trader, many early investment opportunities have been largely out of reach, hindered by unreliable tools, fragmented markets and complex technologies. At Quadency, we aim to simplify this access, opening the door to a new wave of investors.”

About Quadency

Quadency is a cryptocurrency trading and strategy automation platform serving investors of all levels. First founded in New York, with early support from the Dash Investment Foundation and other investors, Quadency is now based in the British Virgin Islands with teams located throughout the world.

Today, over $1.5 billion dollars in digital assets are managed across trading accounts through the Quadency platform, and over 4,000 crypto markets are available for trading via 13 major global exchanges. Quadency offers portfolio analytics, asset research, streaming data for charts and pre-built trading strategies powered by sophisticated bots.

For more information, please visit: https://quadency.com/quad-token/. 


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