Raoul Pal Stands Behind a $10,000 Ethereum (ETH), while Gnox (GNOX) continues to gain market momentum


Former hedge fund manager, investment guru and CEO of Real Vision, Raoul Pal, carries a lot of weight in the crypto world. What he doesn’t know about macroeconomics probably isn’t worth knowing, and when he talking about his predictions for certain coins (and the scene as a whole) people sit up and listen.

What does Raoul Pal think about Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies?

And Raoul is still bullish on crypto. He believes the entire industry still has a lot of room to grow, and that many altcoins could perform well in the future. He’s also recently started backing ETH as opposed to BTC, with large potential growth predicted for the crypto world’s second most popular coin.

“If you think of Bitcoin, Bitcoin exchanges more value each week than Ethereum does. Ethereum has a lot of transactions. Transactions are a red herring. It’s total value and number of active wallets and Bitcoin beats both.

However, if you look at Ethereum, the change in values, the rates of change in those two values ​​in Ethereum is higher, which is why Ethereum’s been outperforming Bitcoin over the last couple of years, and I found it’s really useful. It shows what price is and price is pretty good.”

And he also believes the future is bright for the whole crypto scene:

“If you believe the future is in the technology, in blockchain technology, then this whole digital asset space should outperform the safe haven. That’s just how things work. It always works that way and therefore, there’s a higher beta.

If you’re in an exponential uptrend because you’re in a network adoption model for the entire space, not just for Bitcoin, then it should outperform over time. It’s as simple as that.

It’s not a value statement about, ‘I don’t like Bitcoin because X and I prefer Ethereum for Y.’ It’s all about network adoption models. Once you understand that, you free your mind of all of the narratives that are in the different buckets.”

Newcomer GNOX could be part of the crypto landscape’s next big growth phase

GNOX has been making huge strides in recent weeks, gaining momentum while still in pre-sale. And for good reason, The Gnox platform, backed by its own GNOX token, is a revolutionary new idea that seeks to help regular investors benefit from yield farming as a service—even if they have no previous crypto knowledge.

Gnox founders spotted a huge gap in the crypto market. They knew that many people wanted to benefit from DeFi investment strategies like liquidity pooling and staking, but they also knew that most newcomers struggle to understand how these sometimes-complicated strategies work. That’s why they came up with GNOX, and it could be the next big step in helping crypto become more mainstream, by welcoming regular investors who want to benefit from competitive interest rates and yield passive income without any prior technical knowledge. Especially at a time when traditional lending rates from banks are at all-time lows, Gnox is perfectly placed to continue to bridge the gap between regular investors and the crypto world.

Could GNOX be part of Pal’s predicted growth in the crypto market? It certainly has the tools to compete, and many analysts predict it to be a buy and hold.

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