Refinable Partnership with Dark Earth


Refinable Partnership with Dark Earth Game, a futuristic science fiction metaverse.

Dark Earth interacts within the entire ecosystem using the $CSU Token (Cosmium) to be able to provide game-related services to its holders. Moreover, these services are related with the use of the decentralized elements of the games. The governance and evolution of the metaverse and its games. As well as various DeFi services related to gameplay and the support of each of the games. Furthermore and now announcing, Refinable Partnership with Dark Earth Game.

Within Dark Earth, the first game that is being developed is a Card Battle game that will bring together all the experiences demanded by players of these types of games: Interactive PvP, fun and exciting PvE RPG, ranked mode with qualifiers for special championships (e-sports), and other alternative game modes.


The purpose of the Dark Earth project is to create an ecosystem of games within its universe. Which can share information, NFTs, and other decentralized elements. Initially, the games will be created by the company Olympus Origin, although the possibility exists to integrate other developers who, based on the identity and technology proposals of Olympus Origin, can develop other games in order to grow the ecosystem.

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About Refinable

Refinable is a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace for users to trade items from across the metaverse. Moreover, they provide an accessible environment, for any user, brand, or community, by offering multi-chain flexibility, ultra-low-cost alternatives, and high-performance options to engage with NFT content.

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