Revox Lense Deployment on BNBChain


Revox Lense Deployment on BNBChain, the first comprehensive application engineered atop the REVOX permissionless onchain AI network.

This groundbreaking tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with users’ wallets, automating the process of identifying assets and curating the most relevant news, social media trends, and discussions related to those assets. By synthesizing this data, REVOX Lense crafts tailored reports and provides insightful answers to every question a user might have regarding their portfolio. This ensures that users stay informed and make well-informed decisions about their investments. As Revox Lense Deployment on BNBChain.

As an integral part of REVOX.AI, Lense combines with Content Hub and ReadON app to offer users a universal points system. The Rewards system on Lense combines with the Rewards system on Content Hub. Any REVOX points users accumulate using Content Hub, will also be available on Lense. Catto NFT owners will receive a 60% boost in REVOX points earned daily on Lense.

Comprehensive User Guide
  1. Access & Login
  2. Claim your Daily Credits

  3. Get customized insights of your portfolio

  4. Interactive Q&A

  5. Rewards Center


About Revox

REVOX emerges as a visionary platform designed to redefine the paradigm of decentralized application creation. By harnessing the power of AI, REVOX introduces an innovative framework that democratizes the development of intelligent, agent-based applications.

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About BNB Chain

Build N Build Chain is the world’s largest smart-contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users and hosts Over 1,400 dApps and 2M+ weekly gamers, making it a great ecosystem for game developers to build on.

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