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This is Adryenn Ashley with Crypto Daily.  I’m at the Night Gallery during NFT LA and we are speaking with Roger Haas, Founder and CEO of and they are doing a drop tonight.  Talk to me about your drop, what have you got going on?

Roger Haas: Yes, we’re doing an NFT drop at Night Gallery with artist Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack tonight.  We’re very excited to co-host this event with Night Gallery, Swappable and TrustSwap.

AA: TrustSwap? Awesome, so talk to me about this art, I see we have a ton of video, we have a ton of monitors going along, what is this artist doing and what is this drop tonight?

RH: So we’re actually digitizing physical artworks to go on the Metaverse and we’re very excited, this is the first time the artist does that in a collaboration with us and it’s basically so the physical artworks get NFTized. 

AA: NFTed! I love it!  So for those of you who remember, Beeple sold his fine art for 69 million dollars. Fine art is a very different breed of NFT than the Bored Apes and the other generative pieces. So talk to me about the future of fine art in NFTs, because this is kind of a Brave New World for a lot of people who have been in fine art for a long time like you have? 

RH: Yes, exactly.  What’s actually happening is a huge paradigm shift.  The blockchain, not only is it a new medium for the artists, but it’s at the same time a communications and distribution channel for the art itself. This is the shift that all about. We’re actually preparing a display solution for the traditional art market to onboard crypto. 

AA: Wonderful! And you’re just new to crypto so what have you learned in the last six months that has blown your mind about the prospect of bringing fine art to the Metaverse? 

RH: Well, I actually learned a lot of things and starting with… we were literally incubated… like we were funded within a week. Normally you need 1 year with traditional VCs. So starting from being funded probably to actually set this up and incubate. The speed the crypto space moves with is just amazing to me, and coming from the traditional art world this is pretty amazing.

AA: What is the future that you see for fine art in the Metaverse? Where can we take this? We’re just starting, this is like the seed stage of fine artists understanding that they can actually have a global worldwide audience immediately, that everybody can see them at once, they don’t have to travel to New York to go to a particular gallery to see their work. Now they can go to the Metaverse and see it, right? So what is that going to do for the business of fine art? 

RH:It is really hard to predict the future and, I guess, the accessibility changes a lot, you can access it. We’ve also lowered the threshold a lot, like people who are in the crypto space would normally not go into a gallery because the threshold is just very high for them. And with such Metaverse they can access it really. I think for the art market it really offers a whole new buyers.

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