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SafeMoon is making a big ad appearance in iconic Time Square

John Karony, SafeMoon CEO, took the opportunity this past month to visit Time Square in person to witness the company’s advertising campaign spanning a multi-level billboard. John Karony shared an image of himself standing in front of the billboard located in the heart of Manhattan. It is fair to assume that the CEO himself believes the advertisement is better appreciated in its original state.

“Looks better in person #SAFEMOONARMY,” Karony tweeted during his visit.

John Karony has been taking in the grandeur of the advertisement in person while the SafeMoon project is experiencing a mass influx of users. The SafeMoon wallet is approaching an impressive one million users.

A SafeMoon Introduction

SafeMoon is a community-driven, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token created in March 2021. One of the unique features of SafeMoon is that there is an incentivized system in place to promote the purchasing and maintaining of tokens. There is a 10% fee in place for those who sell their tokens, and, out of that 10% fee, 5% is redistributed among current holders of the token.

Three functions happen during a trade: Reflection, Acquisition, and Burn. The SafeMoon token is an altcoin, meaning is it a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, similar to that of Bitcoin. Despite being launched less than a year ago, the project is rapidly developing and already has over 2 million users.

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