Sandbox supports FlickPlay with “interoperable” NFT project


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• Flicky’s Avatar will be a key piece in the virtual project
• Sandbox is willing to create the first NFT project linked to reality.

Sandbox developers recently talked about their new NFT auction linked to FlickPlay, a metaverse promoter. According to reports, the video game agency would launch the interoperable collection by the end of 2022.

The NFT market would be receiving one of the most significant projects shared between technology firms. Sandbox has grown, and it now has more than 2M users. In this joint NFT auction, there will be an avatar named Flicky and a whole collection of outfits.

Interoperable NFT project

Reuters, one of the biggest news agencies in the UK, reported that the interoperable NFT project could bring several firsts. Flicky, the FlickPlay avatar, can be used in the Sandbox metaverse. The tech firm is happy to provide a digital universe where enthusiasts can buy parts and build their own NFTs under the Ethereum network.

Since Sandbox emerged, the exponential growth of its community has been reported, reaching some 2M active clients. NFTs auctions, musical concerts, and even conferences where the rapper Snoop Dogg has participated are usually held within the platform.

On the other hand, FlickPlay is pleased to provide an NFT analysis system so that the user can feel more involved in the market. The company also makes it possible to link reality with NFTs through each customer’s phone lens. In this way, each fan will be able to photograph what is around them and decide to auction it as a virtual piece.

Developments in Sandbox with FlickPlay


The FlickPlay CEO, Merino Pierina, said that its self-named avatar “Flicky” would be available by the end of 2022. In turn, Merino indicates that the avatar will start within the system in Sandbox and eventually in the app.

Sebastien Borget, Sandbox co-founder, is pleased to belong to this project. Borget believes that this project will allow people to step into the metaverse.

Since the beginning of 2022, the word “Metaverse” has been within the ideals of different companies seeking to profit. In 2021, the CEO of Facebook spoke about his META project, which generated a shower of positive comments from tech fans.

Metaverse Sandbox users expect the company to talk about its future developments with FlickPlay, which would correspond to an ambitious project for many fans.

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