SHIB and FTX Attract Whales, Is It Time To Buy or Not?

  • SHIB, FTX Token, and BEST are the top tokens mass adopted by crypto whales.
  • Whales hold over $1 billion of SHIB and FTX Tokens.
  • DOGE and AVAX maintain their position within the top 15 crypto assets in the space

Crypto whales are taking advantage of the market’s current situation by ramping up their investments. Strategizing positions and diverse portfolios can be a good reason why these shark financiers are doing this. In statistics made by Whalestats, SHIB, FTX, and MATIC are some of the favorite tokens massively adopted by whales.

In detail, the top assets that crypto whales are holding are composed of SHIB, FTX Token, BEST, MATIC, OKB, MANA, CHSB, and CRO. In terms of ownership, SHIB leads the race with whales holding over $1.3 billion of tokens. It is followed by FTX Token with almost $1.2 billion. The third on the line is the BEST token with whales possessing more than $350 million.

The altcoins mentioned above are just some of the popular tokens that have been mass adopted by big-time investors in the space. There are still many crypto assets in the market that continuously grow their fame over time. The DOGE and AVAX are just some of the cryptos that keep on making noise across the cryptoverse.

At the time of writing, both DOGE and AVAX maintain their position as one of the top 15 cryptos in CoinGecko. Moreover, they have a market capitalization of almost $20 billion, proof that more investors are supporting the project. Last but not least, Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrency, keeps its position as the overall number one asset in the space. Currently, BTC trades at a decent amount below $40K with a huge market cap of more than $730 billion.

Regardless, crypto assets are known for their volatility and wild swings. Therefore, it is up to the traders and investors to study what type of crypto is best or not. So, is this the right time to buy or not? 

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