Siemplify – a story of vision, commitment and perseverance


Google recently announced the acquisition of our portfolio company, Siemplify, a leading Security Operations and Automation platform. Since leading their Series B in 2018, I’ve sat on the Board of Siemplify with a front row seat beside their amazing team – who despite witnessing all kinds of macro headwinds beyond their control – continued to deliver and innovate for their customers, getting them to this remarkable milestone today.

Our investment in Siemplify was based on our belief that solving for workflow automation within the enterprise security stack was a critical need. Being deeply embedded in the cyber space already, we saw firsthand the explosion of new solutions flowing into enterprises. As attack surfaces widened and the number of possible security threats increased rapidly, companies were quickly moving towards best-in-class point solutions to best protect each vulnerability, not satisfied with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This sudden increase in disparate tools used across organizations, coupled with a growing scarcity of cyber talent, led to a dire need for automation in security workflows. Of course, we weren’t alone in identifying this somewhat obvious conclusion, made ever more competitive by the growing number of new startups entering the space at the time – as well as capital.

For this reason, it was indeed a pleasure – and in many ways, a surprise – to come across a company that we believed was uniquely and authentically different. When I met Co-Founders Amos, Alon and Garry, their depth of knowledge in the space, the all-star team they had built around them, and their stellar product were undoubtedly impressive. But what truly set them apart from the pack was an unwavering commitment to a longer-term vision, a somewhat underappreciated trait in most tech entrepreneurs. It was this vision – of becoming a comprehensive enterprise operations platform serving security teams (akin to Salesforce for Sales, Workday for HR, Marketo for Marketing) – that ultimately convinced us of Siemplify’s potential.

Over the years, the company has achieved rapid growth and positioned itself as the leader in the space. Despite the headwinds from some of the most well-funded and well-supported competitors, Siemplify has continued to win the largest enterprises in the world, such as Fedex, Mondelez, and BAE Systems to name a few. On behalf of myself and my colleagues at Jump Capital, it has been thrilling to have been part of Siemplify’s journey to this point, witnessing the team’s continual commitment to innovation and vision that enabled them to deliver an exceptional outcome for themselves, their investors and their employees. We’re looking forward to continuing to cheer them on from the sidelines as they move towards powering the complete Google Security stack.

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