Sony Files Patent for Cross-Platform NFTs


This is a major play by Sony, which will allow for NFTs to be transferred across different games and consoles.

It is no secret that Sony Interactive Entertainment is going big on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, news of Sony’s latest patent for transferable NFTs is causing much excitement in the industry. 

Essentially, Sony has filed for a patent which will allow gamers to own their in-game assets as NFTs – and take these assets into other games and platforms. 

Listed examples of the digital assets are “video game skins, video game artwork, an avatar, a video game weapon, and/or a video game skill.”

For example, PlayStation gamers might be able to take their favourite character from one gaming experience into another. What is more, the patent filed by Sony mentions transferring NFTs between games, and consoles.

Hence, Sony is taking us one step closer to an interoperable metaverse. 

A glimpse of the future

Sony’s patent provides a detailed outline, with examples, of what is possible with NFTs. For instance, the patent mentions esports tournaments: “In some example embodiments, the task may include a victory in an esports tournament and the digital asset may be usable via the NFT by the first end-user entity across plural different computer simulations.”

In other words, players earn special NFTs from winning esports tournaments, and can use the NFTs across multiple games and platforms. 

Moreover, the interoperability doesn’t stop with Sony’s ecosystem. Indeed, Sony specify that the interoperability could extend to a “cloud based video game” and even the Microsoft Xbox. 

All in on NFTs

Sony recognizes the potential of NFTs, which is why they’re making major moves in this area. Crucially, NFTs allow gamers to own their own assets. Furthermore, companies like Sony are banking on the future of gaming being tied to ownership.

Despite the fact that games developers appear to be losing out with NFTs – they’re not. In fact, developers can make revenue from secondary sales on the NFT marketplace. Thus, as gamers trade their weapons on the marketplace, a percentage goes to the developer for each transaction.  

Now, Sony appears to be embracing NFTs as integral to the future of gaming. 

Back in February, Sony Network Communications forged a monumental partnership with the blockchain Astar Network. Together, the two parties plan to create an incubation program for companies focused on building NFTs with real-world utility. 

It appears that the story of Sony and NFTs is only just beginning.

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