Splinterlands’ Validator Nodes Pre-sale Sold Out in 11 Minutes


Play-to-earn (P2E) Splinterlands had a huge success on their pre-sale of Validator Node licenses after being sold out within minutes of going live.

The sale of the Validator Node license released by the unique digital trading card game sold out within 11 minutes after releasing its pre-sale. This historic milestone resulted in a burn of 14.5 million SPS and 1 million vouchers, with 3.6 million being added to the DAO, which accumulated approximately $4 million in USD value.

Node operators will earn a portion of the 3,750,000 SPS per month, where 10% is reserved for the top 100 node operators.

The Validator Node License is recognized as a major milestone for Splinterlands in its goal of moving toward a decentralized business framework, which allows users to obtain Splintershards (SPS), Splinterlands’ governance tokens.

The licenses are being sold solely through SPS and vouchers, with 80% of all SPS being burned immediately upon sale. Meanwhile, the remaining 20% will be added to the DAO for the players to help govern.

Liam Labistour, the director of Growth for Splinterlands said:

These burn mechanics will put tremendous deflationary pressure on SPS, which will be quite revolutionary of a concept to the blockchain gaming vertical.

He added that Splinterlands has been built with the community in mind above all else. The team has expressed their excitement to move forward with being truly decentralized.

For ten consecutive months, Splinterlands has been ranked as the best playable game in on-chain analytics data. Additionally, it is the oldest and longest-lasting trading card game known for its fast-paced gameplay.

At the time of writing, 25M SPS has already been burned or sent to the DAO through 2271 node sales.

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