SpookySwap 1-Year Anniversary Update 2022 | by Spooky Swap | Apr, 2022

An original art asset for the Liquidity Page, no longer used on the site
A demonstration of the upgraded Mobile UI launched in May 2021
Discord Emote, Site Asset, and Award NFTs are available on the ZooCoin Marketplace
Our Top Nav UI upgrade designed by №4 Type C, currently still used for the Spooky site
Magicats is, at the time of this article, the most popular NFT collection for Fantom’s #1 NFT Marketplace
Expert trading heavily upgrades the Swap page with additional information thanks to kek.tools and №4 Type C
SpookySwap’s xBOO buyback has often exceeded BOO emissions, creating a net-positive price impact for BOO
Light mode and Disabled Art settings create a bright and minimalist DeFi experience
SpookySwap’s 1st Anniversary Timeline, by №4 Type C
Current Fantom DeFi TVL Standings
USDC liquidity has increased significantly on SpookySwap’s DEX thanks to DEUS Finance DAO

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