Stickman Private Sale on TrustFi


TrustFi announced that they will hold STMAN Flash Private Sale (FPS) on TrustFi Launchpad on February 10th.


Two ways to participate in the Private Round Sale:

  • Buy and Stake at least 25,000 $TFI before Snapshot Date: (February 9th) in Tier System Pool at TrustFi Farmer.
  • Join their Gleam competition?? for a chance to win $25 Allocation in STMAN Flash Private Sale:: (Top 20 wins whitelist spots, Lucky 80 wins 20 $TFI airdrop)


  • Ticker: $STMAN
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Private Round Sale Date: February 10th
  • Private Round Sale Window: 5 PM — 8 PM UTC
  • Snapshot Date: February 9th
  • Snapshot Time: Unannounced
  • Sale Price: $0.05 (vs 0.075 IDO Price)
  • Pool Size: $10,000.00 ($500 reserved to Gleam)
  • TGE/Listing Date: TBA
  • Initial Market Cap: $155.92K
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 2.08M
  • Total Supply: 230.01M
  • Vesting: TBD



Stickman’s Battleground is an NFT Free-To-Earn (F2Egame that infuses the popular Stickman concept with the battle royale gameplay that has dominated the industry for the recent years. In addition to the anti-inflation mechanisms, the project will offer profitable staking and yield farming ecosystem.


TrustFi disrupts the DeFi market by providing a multi-chain decentralized BaaS solution. The ecosystem features three main products which include TrustFi Booster, a Decentralized Community Driven Incubator; TrustFi LaunchPad, an IDO General Protocol with an insured mechanism; and TrustFi Farmer, an Automated Farm Pools (AFP) Contract, which is an important addition to the DeFi infrastructure built on Web 3.0.


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