Swapin: The Next Revolution In Crypto-Fiat Payments


The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way in development in such a short period of time of its existence. Bitcoin was called a bubble and the greatest scam, just a few years ago, but nowadays, many influential people in the investment world are predicting a place for it among reserve assets. And despite all the privileges, the problem of fast converting crypto to fiat still remains relevant. Trust in stablecoins like USDT is weakening every day. The other day it was impossible to pay for the purchase with cryptocurrencies or stablecoins, but now it’s real. 

The EU-regulated Swapin platform has put a fine point on this question and presented the crypto community with revolutionary solutions for instantly transferring digital assets into fiat directly into a bank account.

Swapin a new payment giant in the crypto industry

Swapin platform (ex-Piixpay) opens up endless opportunities for the integration of digital economy into the traditional economy. The company offers unique solutions for direct and quick transfer of crypto to a personal or corporate IBAN account. Today, it is possible for individuals to send cryptocurrency to their friends or relatives and pay for purchases or utilities with crypto. 

The traditional business received the long-awaited solution to accept crypto payments with automatic conversion to fiat, which eliminates problems with accounting, tax and financial regulators. Crypto business has also opened new doors and now can pay salaries with digital assets and with the instant transfer of EUR to an employee’s IBAN account. Thousands of individuals and large companies from various industries have already used Swapin’s solutions.

Swapin has an Estonian license and meets high European standards of payment services. 

All transactions that make individuals or businesses are absolutely legal. In this way, Swapin becomes a new giant in the crypto-to-fiat payment industry.

In 2023 Swapin is planning to get an EMI license that will only increase security and clarity of the platform. It will also open up unique opportunities for clients, analogues of which are not existing in the world.

B2C and B2B turnkey solutions

Swapin platform has a wide range of tools for both B2B and B2C segments. You can evaluate company products right now:

InstaPay allows users to send digital assets, which are automatically converted into EUR, specifying the recipient’s IBAN account. With the help of InstaPay you can make a purchase of real estate with cryptocurrency. One of the world’s largest real estate companies RE/MAX already uses Swapin solutions, opening up opportunities for its customers to make deals for digital assets.

InstaFill is a solution that allows users to automatically convert personal digital assets into EUR into a personal bank account. If all your assets are concentrated in crypto, but daily expenses require fiat currency, InstaFill solution is what you need. Attach your personal IBAN to a crypto account on Swapin and when you need EUR, just top up your crypto balance. After the instant conversion, the money will be transferred to your bank account. 

Predefined payments is a useful feature that allows users to create a pattern of repeated payments, such as rent, credit or utilities. You can set up the option to remind you of the next payment date, after making a transaction. For example, with this tool, the founders of the PaxWorld metauniverse pay their employees without any delays.

Business solutions open up opportunities to accept crypto payments, while fiat currency will be deposited into the company’s bank account. In 2023 Swapin plans to obtain an EMI license. With the license, each payment will be made on behalf of the sending company, as if the company is making a regular bank transfer from account to account. There are 2 main tools for business are available:

CoinCollector is a bridge between digital and fiat assets and it is simple to work with. The seller creates a unique crypto payment link and sends it to a customer. The customer chooses a digital asset for payment and the system calculates the exact amount and provides the buyer with the crypto wallet address for transferring. As soon as the blockchain transaction is confirmed, the seller will receive the euro into the bank account. The transaction speed may differ depending on the selected cryptocurrency. 

E-com widget is a specially made solution for online stores. It allows users to integrate crypto payments on site. Aufort Gold is the first company which offers to buy gold with cryptocurrencies directly on their site and they are pioneers in using Swapin’s widget. This solution is suitable not only for sites like Aufort, but also for any retail store that has a website.

Summary: The future came with Swapin

Swapin platform has already revolutionized crypto-to-fiat payments. The development of the company will help to significantly increase the interest of the mass audience in cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The legitimacy and security of transferrings is an example for the industry and will greatly benefit the future regulation of the crypto market.

Most recently, the company successfully completed a round of funding, as a result of which it was able to attract €1.68M from authority people from the world of crypto, IT and finance.

In 2022, Swapin aimed to expand new regions in Europe, as well as to launch InstaBuy solution for fast and simple purchase of cryptocurrencies using VISA/MasterCard cards and bank transfer.

Join Swapin and break the barriers between the digital and traditional economy!

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