Symphony of the Week: Oath of Honor | by Beethoven x | May, 2022


Dear friends and fellow Ludwigs, welcome to Symphony of the Week.

This pool is the pledge of a wonderful team that builds in the Fantom ecosystem. As the bard belts out a beautiful ballad of this week’s piece, we invite you to stay and listen. Take a seat, and enjoy the show. This week’s symphony is “Oath of Honor”.

To those who are unfamiliar with The Oath and as a reminder to those who are, here is the sacred vow once again:

In that space that fuels the fire

We manufacture monuments that illuminate the path

Cultivating balance,

Prosperity, and growth.

To the best of our abilities we serve there until the end.

Trade volume started the week at a high of $417K (May 14) and declined steadily to a week low of $191K May 18, finally ending at 200K. TVL decreased $106K, starting at $3.7M (May 14), reaching a high of $3.8M (May 15), and ending at $3.5M. The highest single day decline occurred on May 16th, a loss of $138K net liquidity. On the other hand, the largest increase in liquidity occurred on May 14, a change of $117K.

While this pool did not receive BEETS, it still generated 10% (May 18th) — 21% (May 14th) in Swap Fee APR during the week. This is correlated to the decreasing trade volume throughout the week. Average APR for the week was 12.5%.

Amongst all non-boosted pools during the week, this pool ranked third highest in swap fees generated. Interestingly enough, it ranked 11th in volume and 33rd in daily utilization rate (when looking at the top 50 by TVL). The above-average swap fee returns can be explained by a combination of healthy volume and a high swap fee rate set for the pool. In fact, at 0.5%, it is the fifth highest amongst non-boosted pools.

Oh, what a lovely tune to enjoy in Vienna! We hope you’ve had a lovely time appreciating the beauty of this tune– as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it. Thank you for listening and see you again next time!

Not Financial Advice
This feature should under no circumstances be considered financial advice. Each Beethoven X pool is unique and carries the risks of all the underlying digital assets. Featuring on the Symphony of the Week is only a review of past performances. It doesn’t not represent an endorsement of any of the protocols or their digital assets. Beethoven X users should only invest according to their individual risk limits.

Remember that a liquidity pool is only as good as its weakest token. If a token were blacklisted, infinitely minted, frozen, or exploited in any other way, the value of a pool could go to 0. Beethoven X is never liable for losses incurred through using our UI or the Beethoven X protocol. Be careful, and do your own research.

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