TAG Heuer Launches Smart Watch NFT Feature


The Swiss watchmaker has created a smartwatch feature that will allow users to flaunt their NFT collection. 

Luxury Brand Designs NFT Feature

As NFTs or non-fungible tokens continue their meteoric growth, more and more brands are moving to adopt them into their offerings. While some brands are launching their own NFT collections (e.g., Nestle, eBay, etc.), some others are developing products and services to feature these tokens (e.g., Johnnie Walker). The luxury watch brand TAG Heuer falls into the latter category. It has recently developed a feature for a smartwatch line, which will allow the wearer to display NFTs from their own collections.

The feature will also contain verifiable proof of ownership of these tokens. The company also mentions its team of in-house developers who have been creating apps and watch faces bearing the brand’s trademark design language. These design and functionality customizations were incorporated after in-depth consultations with “blue chip” NFT communities such as the BAYC, Cryptopunks, CLONE-X, and World of Women.

Smartwatch To Display NFTs, Photos

The company announced this update for the Connected Calibre E4 line on June 15. The announcement reads, 

“TAG Heuer presents a new way to bring these valuable and highly collectible artworks into the real world. For the first time, they can be worn on your wrist with a verified proof of ownership. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 allows you to display NFT artworks on your watch by connecting your crypto wallet to guarantee authenticity.”

The Calibre E4 line will support Ledger and Metamask wallets, which can be synced to the watch through the owner’s smartphone to display the collections. The feature can display both JPEG and GIF NFTs in a hexagonal frame on the watch face. Additionally, the watch can also display personal photos and images of the owner, as curated by TAG Heuer. 

TAG Heuer’s Web3 Expansion

The feature was inspired by the brand’s desire to grow its digital ecosystem. Like several other luxury brands, TAG Heuer has gone beyond NFTs and adopted other aspects of Web3. Just a few weeks ago, the company joined forces with crypto payments services provider Bitpay. This partnership allowed the brand to open up crypto payments for its products through online sales in the United States. The CEO of the company has also stated that there will be further collaborations between the brand and other Web3 companies. 

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