Tales of the Web3 Tailors | Track 12, Cesh


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Track Twelve for the Tales of Web3 Tailors GDN Podcast is out! You can start listening in now!

For this next episode, GDN member Cesh was interviewed! Cesh came into fashion through web3 and a passion for the principles of decentralisation, open source and alternative perspectives. He is a nexus for the Global Designer Network community and full of amazing inspiration and ideas, running weekly Realm calls with designers, onboarding new members and guiding them through this vast and sometimes overwhelming new landscape. He is also the founder of the Plug Life Realm and bringing new creators from the sex positive communities into web3.

A energy I figured I was lacking for years and it reflected through all what I did over the past years. It’s not actually the same energy, rather a sense of belonging and fighting I guess. So I find myself coming back to the Global Designer Network over and over again. Which lies at the heart of DIGITALAX. It provides me with all I want to try business wise, a nice energy and actual well thought tooling system to engage in economies through the culture of abundance, inclusiveness and trustlessness. Enabling me as an individual to head start whatever I wanted, putting myself first while at the same time still staying in the circle with everyone else. There is no need to be the choke points. The tools are here to leverage each other in a way where we can engage with each other from a place of self sovereignty without holding each other back. It’s still unfathomable to me and I have to rediscover these incentives again, every day. This is not my natural environment I know but I know I don’t want to go back.

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